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18 Reasons To Have VPS hosting For Your Website

A VPS is basically an isolated virtual machine on a physical server. A single physical server can afford a lot of VPSes and it all depends on the specifications of the physical server. The VPS contains its own operating system (OS) as well as IP address. The customer usually has superuser-level access and that is considered to be the root access to the virtual machine. Hence, they can install any of the software which runs on their OS. VPS hosting predicts a way to create a website on the server that has much more power, stability as well as security.

VPS hosting is basically used by some small as well as medium-sized businesses which have a plan structure to achieve high-volume traffic and a lot of growth or heavy data websites. It is because a VPS ensures faster load times and 100% website uptime. This type of hosting is used by companies in the market of high competition. VPS hosting is also great for young companies as service provides the same benefits as that of the dedicated server without including the price tag.
Therefore, let us have a light on the benefits of using VPS hosting.


1. Cost-efficient

VPS acts as a brilliant option to deliver very affordable options. Moreover, it is getting cheaper because of the speedy advances of the virtualization technologies. You must know that research of the reliable cheap managed VPS hosting providers says that you can easily find a good hosting provider for as low as $10 for a month. Not only this, you will get a variety of other reliable options to choose from. So, if you are thinking about the low cost of the managed VPS hosting, it could be because it doesn't need to be expensive. Every VPS hosting providers have their own rates so you need to be very careful while choosing among them and make sure that whether the specific plan will fit best for your business.


2. Taking full control over the server

If you get the full root access to the VPS server, then it clearly means that you twitch it in order to meet the needs without even waiting for the permission.

To understand this situation in a better way, think of you are using shared hosting and you want to install the customized software package, then you cannot even do it because of the prior permissions for the same.


3. Reliability


When you produce a website of your own, then the very first and foremost thing which you need to take into account is the reliability of your website. The things which can be improved with the help of a VPS server is the performance as well as the uptime of the website because if one server is shared among many users then it will affect its performance. You can also overcome the relatable issues such as RAM, server load etc.


4. Increased Security

A very bad disadvantage of shared hosting is that a single bad user can affect the whole server. This will further affect everything. This kind of hosting acts like if one falls, then it will make other falls too. Even no one wants their website to be affected by any mistakes or errors by others, therefore, it is better to go with VPS. It ensures that you'll have your own server and increase the stability along with the reliability.


5. Better Options for eCommerce Businesses

When you develop your website at the extent that you may have opened your store, then there should be no option for shared hosting. This is because you need a secured or dedicated virtual server which is provided by VPS only as this aims to protect your data from stolen. Your customer may choose credit cards to make the purchases on your website and for this, you need to make sure that your data is protected in every way. VPS is known to be the more secure option as it develops your online business overall.


6. Great Performance

With a lot of resources which is dedicated entirely to the needs of your business, you will get a lot better server performance. It provides the increased processing power as well as the capacity which simply means that your website can load a lot quicker on the users' browsers. It has also helped in the growth of the user engagement, conversion rates as well as boost the search engine ranking.


7. Portability

There is a common problem of owning physical servers is its portability of the application as well as the speed with which you are able to move your application over another server. The most proven benefit of VPS is the portability of the application. The VPS accounts would get managed as the server images by the service provider. So, the decision is yours whether you want to downgrade or upgrade the server, the web hosting provider has the ability to move the image to the new server with no downtime.


8. Add new Servers on Demand

As we know very well that the small-sized businesses uncover various benefits of the eCommerce, they go through anticipation of unsteadiness and uncertainty. You would face some growth issues online as well as offline and you will also attain the ability to jump into the new business instantly while online. VPS is basically designed for the specific environment and you can add the new VPS as per the demands. There is also an option available to take them down when you are no longer in need. You can also add an accurate amount of VPS overhead when you have got the revenue to back it up.


9. High-Availability with VPS

You know this very well that every hardware will fail at some point or other. As if you are a small business, then you may not afford the luxury of two physical dedicated servers. VPS allows for high performances as well as 100% availability without any investment burden that comes up with physical servers.


10. Dealing with the Management Complexity

As you know that small businesses are cash strapped both in terms of financially and the types of skilled resources they can afford to be on the payroll on a regular basis. If you see why would a company hire qualified IT professional in order to support one or maybe two on-premise servers when those servers are used for less than 10 percent of their capability. So, the complexity of managing a highly under-utilized resource does not make any economic sense.

But, on the other hand, Parallel Plesk Panels on the VPS diminishes the extra level of complexity and allows the small businesses which never had a server to bring the value of application such as email, website, file sharing or file collaboration to deliver it to the small businesses at a price which they can afford.


11. Dynamic Reallocation of Resources

VPS makes everything possible for you to focus on what you perform best in your business. The technologies which are behind Virtual private hosting have evolved to the point where control, portability, security, performance, scalability as well as availability are no more longer issues that basically drags you from fully utilizing the technology as an enabling resource for your business.

So, the basic challenge for every business is to identify the right VPS service provider in order to meet the demands. Basically, you need to look for the provider who has hands-on-experience in your business as well as who offers VPS hosting windows, Plesk Onyx panel, as well as other Linux plans, at cheap prices. You can either ask your peers for the recommendations or can ask your provider for references in the industry. Likewise, you can also approach the customers with the questionnaires about reliability, the after service support as well as responsiveness. So, now it is up to you to ask your provider which server management software they make in use.


12. Your website is growing

Over a period of time, your website will definitely grow. In a very short time, you will observe that you get thousands of visitors in a single day. Ofcourse the time you will also realize that your site is not performing that better, even when you put so much of effort on optimizing your content. Can you imagine the reason? If no, then let me tell you, this is the time that you should consider migrating your shared hosting to the VPS.


13. A dedicated server doesn't seem to suit your budget yet

As many talks, VPS hosting is where the shared and dedicated server meets. It is so called a middle road between the two. It is also true to the fact that a VPS hosting can accommodate the demanding and growing websites which a shared hosting cannot, but it is also true that it can't match what a dedicated server can do. We cannot even say that it is a poor alternative to dedicated servers. In the technical terms, it is just a matter of hardware stuff. As you know, while a dedicated server satisfies the needs of a single client, but a VPS allows several users to have the benefits of a dedicated setup with a single server. As the dedicated server is used to cater to the needs of a single customer alone, but for your information, it is more pricey than the VPS hosting. Therefore, if you think that you cannot afford to spend a specific amount of money on the dedicated servers, then you should not opt for a VPS for the meantime.


14. VPS Hosting development environments

VPS hosting also sits perfectly for the testing ideas in the development stage without bothering so much money upfront along with the hosting costs. VPS offers amazing resources for hosting. There are several types of hosting packages. The hosting services which are in the beginning range and those which offer capabilities to handle the immense flow of traffic in a single day as well as offer abundant disc space bandwidth and RAM. Some good VPS hosting packages provides you high-end performance as well as much more other capabilities just for your websites.


15. Scalability

In general, the scalability factor is the surmount point for the shared -vs-virtual server crisis. If your site sees around 30,000 monthly visitors, then a shared host can accommodate you and your site's hosting needs. If the graph inclines, then you'll definitely receive internal errors from your host. Therefore, in the end, you need to consider a VPS plan as it has the ability to handle any amount of traffic. Also, the customizable feature of the VPS hosting will permit you to scale fast and in an easy manner.

16. Stability

Virtual servers are extremely stable. It is because the virtual servers operate in the cloud computing environment and have software independent units. They basically do not rely on centrally installed software as they do already have software essential for their operation. We can relate the stability of virtual private server to the fact that any issue with the software is isolated from your environment and just because of the dedicated resources, the stability will further get assured.


17. Efficiency

A VPS acts as an independent dedicated server. The server contains other virtual environments as well as it runs its operating system copy.

Along with this, the users have administrative rights to their VPS and they can, therefore, install the instances of several applications namely, MySQL, Apache, and PHP.


18. Data Backup:

Similar to any hosting solution, your VPS plan should be enough to offer you a way to backup your data. You need to carefully choose the service as it will enable you to manually backup all of your data so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong.

Another advantage of VPS hosting is you can access the data at any place and at any time if you have an internet connection because it is stored on a virtual server.

So, as the benefits of the VPS hosting become readily available, likewise it has the potential for future also. VPS hosting would grow as a significant solution for the entire small to medium-sized businesses.

GPD Host is the leading organization in the industry to provide the clients with best VPS hosting services. The clients can get the ultimate hosting packages of VPS from GPD Host. It has entire above listed VPS hosting benefits with the perfect package plan.

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31 Key Factors You need to Check before Choosing a Domain Name in 2019

An easy to buy domain name can become a factor to regret later. You need to be very attentive prior to purchasing the domain favorable to your business. Don't perform a mistake of buying a domain very early without having any prior knowledge of how to choose them. Initially, it might seem tempting to buy quickly the domain name so that you can stop other people from grabbing the one you want to consider. But it won't hurt you in any way if you analyze whether you are getting what you want with this domain name or will it work at its best for your business.

You must follow these following best practices in order to attain a domain name that represents your business in a very effective manner.

1. Make it as simple as possible:


You need to keep the domain names as simple as possible. It should be short, memorable, easy to spell as well as pronounce. If you want it according to your business, must use the initials of your brand name. You can take a clue from for the World Health Organization as well as for This will indirectly help your audience to reach your business easily.


2. Avoiding numbers and hyphens:

This is a must to know that you should avoid using numbers as well as hyphens. It just only makes distractions and you must remember that the people who look out for the specific business type won't be able to spell out the numerals.

3. Keeping it short and specific:

When you are putting your energy into deciding the domain name length, you need to keep the things as short as possible which would be easy to remember. A good domain is always never too broad or too narrow. You must remember the fact that, if the length of the domain name is on the plus size then the wrong kind of searchers will get attracted to your website or if it is too narrow, then you never know that you may have to extend the line of your business another morning. You can also type specific keywords in the domain name, depending upon your location or business type.

4. Consider the equivalent:

It would be really a bad feeling if your preferred domain name has already been taken. You will feel frustrated and don't want to start it all over again. So, what will you do in these kinds of situations? It is simple. You must try to find out the most relevant synonyms or the related words that suit your brand well. You can also approach thesaurus for the good list of synonyms, which can also act as a suitable replacement for the domains which are not even available.

5. Choosing a symbolic name:

Create some difference in choosing a good domain name by making it more symbolic which helps in promoting your brand. You must know that a domain name is symbolic when it is unique, easy to memorize, easy to pronounce as well as reliable. The most primary goal is to have the domain name whose potential is to support your products or services. Basically, a symbolic domain name should be unquestionable, understandable as well as spontaneous. Always remember that it should give a firm idea of your website.

6. Choosing a proper domain extension:

So, you might have the idea that the domain extension would play a significant role in the domain name creation process. It matters for the customers as well as marketing purposes. You must know that it is highly advisable to go for the ".com" extension. This is because ".com" is the oldest domain extension and the Internet users are very much familiar with this. Therefore, the ".com" domain can help in increasing the customer's trust as well as boost the brand's perception. According to the research, 91% of individuals rate the domain extensions namely, ".com", ".net" and, ".org" as the most trusted ones.


7. Do not worry if ".com" is taken:

Now, you don't need to stress out if ".com" top level domain (TLD) of your preferred domain name has already been taken. So, you can explore other popular domain extensions which are good for branding same as .com TLD such as, ".net", ".org", ".co", ".edu", ".biz", ".review", ".photography", ".biz", ".me", ".ly" etc. Now, their acceptability is also constantly increasing.

Look at the above survey of domain name preference in almost 10 countries. The clear majority of people had surveyed that there should be many domain extension options. In countries like US, UK, and Australia, 50% to 60% said that there must have been more options. For the Internet users in the fast-developing markets namely, China and India, the number lies in between 66% to 75%.


8. Take the rapid action in choosing a TLD extension:

As you know that domain sells quickly. The urgency is much more needed when registering a domain name. So, you need to put an effort to buy the domain name as quickly as possible.

You might know that domain registration is easy. Initially, you need to create an account with the domain registrar if you do not have it. Once you are done with creating the account, you can use your debit card or any other payment option to pay as well as complete the process.


9. What in case if your domain name is taken:

In order to grab a domain name, you first need to check and make sure that the domain name is not in use. This is the most common practice that you need to follow to buy a domain name and, then sell it off. Obvious to the fact, you will get to know about the availability of the domain by the domain registrar.


10. Use domain name generators

Using too much brain power can also sometimes turn out to be unproductive. Here is where you have to approach the systematic domain name generator. You will find so many of them online. What you actually need to do is to type keywords or phrases of your business type and then spit out the entire names. You might be thinking of the logic behind this and yes, it is normal. So, this has the ability to expand your thinking capacity and get on creativity.

 Here is a list of 15 Best Domain Generators.


11. Your audience:

Make your audience always on the top of your mind when selecting a domain name for your website. If you pick up the good domain name, then you would generate the ability to provide recognition to your brand for your existing audience as well as form the trust with the new clients and the customers. But in case if you choose the incorrect one for your business, then it can take everything down. What you will risk in this is alienating existing customers as well as attracting the wrong clients ahead.


12. Your location:

You can also consider your location. If you are handling your business locally, then you can use your location as a part of your domain name. You can also use local domain extensions such as .us, .au and many more. It is the easiest way for your local customers to find your website.


13. Existing business or brand name:

It is usually common for big brands such as Apple, Sony or others which keeps their domain name the same as their brand name. One thing is you can capitalize your brand name in the URL so that it can be easy for your existing clients to find you online. But, when your business is not that much recognized then there are fewer chances to find your desired domain name online. In these kinds of cases, you can use a few options such as adding a single word of your products and services or you can also take the geographical extension. You can also add a word like the company to the end of the name.


14. Consider experimenting with non-traditional TLDs:

In these modern days, you can have a choice from a multitude of different TLDs which was nearly non-available a couple of years ago. For instance, you can try the domain extensions such as .shop, .store, .club, .design as well as many more. You can also try out the local TLDs such as .is, .io, .it, .ly, .fm and .cc.


15. Choosing a brandable name:

It is good to know that branding is important to long-term success. But have you ever thought of what makes the domain name more brandable? Not single, but there are certain factors that come into proving this point. For example, a brandable name does not consist of any specific meaning. For example, Google and YouTube are not words with meaning. Make it as unique as possible which is easy to memorize and easy to pronounce.


16. Making the domain name intuitive:

The big positive you can draw when you believe that your target audience can instantly and easily associate the domain name with the good guess of what you actually do in your business. As Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of makes it clear that they could look at your domain name and say "We are guessing this right. This is probably what the company is up to."


17. Available across all social media channels:

You have to come up with some catchy which reflects your business and can be remembered easily and you have to make sure that it is available across all the social channels. Even the Carolyn Wilman who is the sweepstakes marketing strategist at She has also kept her views that once she bought Contest Queen off a "squatter" for around $ 500. She said it was worth every penny buying for as she has built a whole brand around it. What mistake she performed was not grabbing her name on every social channel. On some of them, she was @ContestQueen and on some @TheContestQueen.


18. Conducting a Trademark

It is must to know that the domain names are not considered as intellectual property. The owner of a new business with the brand new website can face a lot of issues while making in use of a domain name which is somehow similar to the trademark i.e. one form of intellectual property. In prior to adopting a domain name, it is vital to conduct a trademark search by someone who deals with the trademark searches and tells the availability of the domain name. This is all clearly explained by P.Betty Tufariello who is the founder and CEO of Intellectulaw.


19. Searching From the failed business

Sam Firer who is the consultant in the Hall company talks about coming up with the domain names for the brand new business. It is his one of the favorite tricks in the industry and it also checks out the demised business in the same industry. You can also go through the guide for once dropped domains.


20. Check Whether the domain is blacklisted or penalized:

This is one of the most important considerations that should be taken into account when choosing a domain name because it can be sometimes blacklisted or potentially penalized by Google. David Mercer, the founder of SME Pals has also explained in a way. The spammers use the technique known as "churn and burn" which fools Google by using spam into ranking their domain. Thereafter, it dumps the site once Google catches them. This profits them for a few months and makes them get rid of the domain once it gets penalized. So, the unwary and legitimate webmasters can purchase the newly available domain and thus, it will be difficult for them to generate constant organic traffic just because of the existing penalties. So, you need to be very careful as it can lead to being a serious disadvantage to starting out with the penalized domain.


21. Don't be dependent on a single domain name generator:

If you want to own a perfect domain name, then you should actually depend on the purpose of your website. You should be cleared with the points that are you building a brand or creating a personal blog. So, relying upon the intent, we can guess that you are either looking for a brandable or informative domain. Therefore, according to Oleg Korneitchouk, who is the director of the Digital Marketing of SmartSites, it is better to make use of the countless domain name generators which are available online. It can do a lot as if it is easy to mix and match your keywords and you can also try adding common internet prefixes/suffixes. So, you can view which domains are still available.


22. Making a potential list of domain names instead of one:

It is really frustrating to know that your discovered perfect domain name is used by someone else. In order to solve this problem, Maggie Aland, who is the marketing and review editor of Fit Small business, says that you should make a list of 10-15 domain name ideas initially and choose the one which is not already available.


23. Know when to include the geographic terms:

Many people focus on making a choice between brand marketing or emphasizing on the product. But, here Donald E. Peterson, who is the owner of its own Law office says that one of the trickiest choices is to decide whether one should include the geographic term such as city or state where the business is located in or not. Therefore, he suggests that it is a wise decision to include the geographic term if the business is termed to be local. You must also know the fact that Google's local search appears to be more geocentric but the sites whose URL includes a geo descriptor shows the same to dominate in the competitive search terms.


24. Purchasing the common misspellings and AKAS of your domain name as well:

Everyone knows to purchase the decided domain name but forgets to focus on purchasing the common misspellings of that domain or any AKAs you do have. So, you would want this to be redirected to your intended site. Lindsay Duggan Martinez, who is the corporate marketing manager of Etna Interactive, also asks would you even know when "" exists instead of "". It would not even redirect if you exclude "the" from the domain name as you will only get the 404-page error.


25. Match the domain name with your business maturity level:

The three types of businesses are startups, profitable SMB and well-funded ones. The key to making the business happening is to choose the domain name to the current maturity level of business. Talking about the startups, as they haven't proven their product/service in which the market get fits, as well as the business model, would not start working surprisingly. Therefore, Michael Cyger, who is the publisher of the DNAacademy must go for the hand-registered domain name in order to minimize the expenses as well as risk. The SMB is nearly a business of around $ 10 million and it proves the good work of the business. So, he says that this is the time to upgrade your domain name to create a shorter, broader or more memorable option. Now, comes the well-funded business, it is all limited by their aspirations as well as vision. So, here the domain name should be shorter, broader as well as much more memorable


26. Never make an emotional decision on a domain name:

The founder of Stack English, Tressa Sanders says that she has done a big mistake in making a decision on choosing the domain name. She would only get inspired and come up with the domain name based on her emotional state and then buy it. But after a few minutes later when her inspiration level becomes normal, she realized that she has bought a bad domain name. The realization also stuck when she just hit the purchase button. She even said that one who is about to purchase a domain name for their business must consider it as keeping the title of the book. The domain name should be evaluated as per the usefulness of your business.


27. Be smart enough in choosing the domain extension:

Now, you can also conclude the fact that the domain names, as well as extensions, are the most important choices you will ever make for your business. So, you must be aware of every single factor to consider. The domain extensions are not always equal and if you put your enough time and attention towards the decision, it can help you to attain the most suitable domain name for your brand and business.


28. Purchasing domain in your own name:

Whenever you purchase a business domain name, you should make sure that you purchase it by yourself in your own domain name. You can also take help of the developer but remember, take it in your name. Krista Baronselli, who is the account manager of the Efferent Media had also faced this so many times with her clients, and especially in the case when leaving a company. We should always think of the domain name as our Social security number on the web.


29. Knowing what makes a domain name brandable:

Anyone who tries to make a choice among so many domain names available, you would come across the term several times "brandable domain name". Jason Halstead explains that this term is known to be as the big factor as the business owner has to consider if they would like to make the most out of a long-term investment like the brand name.


30. Aim for the unique name which sums up your business market:

The website name of yours can be easily found in the Google search as it is becoming more semantic. Steve James, who is the marketing lead of Opus consulting group ltd says that if you won't be able to find the domain name which has a suffix aiming its own geographic market, then you can go aiming for a unique name which totally explores your business market rather than obtaining a title that is close to your own domain name. So, here you will get the opportunity to make a choice of your online business name and you need to make sure that it is both specific and unique.


31. Grab the outside source option:

Don't just spin your wheels when it is about to choose a great domain name according to the Marc Prosser, who is the co-founder of fit small business. You can get a potential business name if you also connect freelancers from different websites. All you have to do in the end is to choose your favorite.

Well, there are more and more ideas while choosing a perfect domain name for your business. We would suggest you apply these points safely and discover more about your domain name.

Our GPD Host has a huge team of domain name consultants which will help you in getting the domain name that sits perfectly on your business. We won't let you face any trouble finding your desired domain names. We promise to provide you a perfect domain for your business. GPD Host also offers you the various hosting solutions and with some of them, you can get free domain along with it.

Get a free consultation today!

So, you can say your words in the comment box, if we have missed on anything relevant!



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The most important hosting solution is the shared web hosting which can be purchased from thousands of web hosting companies all over the world. Many people have to suffer from many problems while buying these shared solutions as they are new to the web technologies and not having a single idea what to look in a web hosting package. So, here, we go on with how you can choose the proper web hosting package. The bundle of complex functions as well as hardware solutions are all dedicated to the web hosting services. You need to find a kind of web host who would actually avail all those features of the shared web host, which is required by your company. Let us highlight the key features of the shared host that is provided by our GPD Host and suits perfectly with your business. Email Management: With this feature, one can easily create, manage as well as secure email accounts. It is super easy to use email automation tools which indulge forwarders, autoresponders as well as filtering. This would be really easy to implement email authentication. Open source software: This open source software lets you work with the entire open source blog, the website design along with the e-commerce solutions and software. With this, you can participate in the communities either through collaboration, education or infrastructure. You also have the ability to integrate third-party software products as well as platforms. Security tools: Some security measures are really helpful such as password-protected directories, many IP address denials, GnuPG key settings or SSL/TLS. These tools restrict access by any third-party owner. It helps in preventing direct linking to the files on the website with the help of the HotLink protection. With this feature, one can have the ability to recognize the unusual levels of activity with the Leech Protect. One can also block the common code inject attacks with the ModSecurity. File management: You have the ability to lead your website better through HTTP rather than FTP tool or any other third party application. You can modify the file attributes, properties as well as permissions. You can anytime create, copy, delete, move, rename, upload as well as search for files. You can organize the entire folders and alter the permissions by monitoring the website disk space storage. Domain Editors: With the usage of simple DNS Zone editor or advanced DNS Zone editor, you can set-up, add along with manage domain names as well as sub-domains, parked domains and redirects using Simple and Advanced DNS Zone editor. You would be able to identify the edit DNS records, correct A-records which ties the name of the host to IP addresses and the CName records that identify domain alias. SQL databases: You can manage MySQL and PostgreSQL embedded database applications to make in use of all the information with proven delivery as well as high-performance output. You get the unlimited data with a limited access. It implies all the industry-standard security as well as reliability which is combined with low cost as well as efficiency. Read More..

By: developer
9 months ago | Last updated: July 27, 2018

Every business organization is different from one another and they need the most appropriate cloud for their business entity. In earlier times, the entire data used to get stored within our system, in the external hard disks or any data storage services. But after the introduction of the internet, the remote server based storage becomes the main form of the data storage. Cloud offers the remote server based storage as well as the backup platform which is considered as more than just storage. Cloud provides unlimited storage space, a platform for data recovery as well as a high level of security. We, generally have lots of data and we store them across multiple devices and we all know this very well that the amount will only increase in the case. So, we need some effective data storage solutions such as cloud which will further help us to protect the confidential data from the hackers or many other fraudsters.. (more…) Read More..

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Planning to run an online business which absolutely requires an understanding of the necessary security measures that need to be in place before getting started. And, SSL certificates are the best solution to this statement.

So, we are here to provide you with the best lined-up SSL Certificates services & also ensures you with the quick online issuance, 24/7 support, advanced encryption & strong warranties.

SSL Certificates are becoming a popular trend for almost all the websites & blogs. An SSL Certificate is a protocol for allowing the data encryption on the internet. (more…)

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