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Wordpress STARTER

from only
  • 1 Website
  • SSD Drive
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 1 MySQL Data Base
  • Free Domain
    (.club, .pro, .party)
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cpanel BASIC

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Monthly Subscription
  • 4 Websites
  • SSD Drive
  • 5 GB Storage
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 4 MySQL Data Bases
  • Free Domain
    (.club, .pro, .party)
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plesk plus

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Monthly Subscription
  • 4 Websites
  • SSD Drive
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 40 Email Accounts
  • 6 MySQL Data Bases
  • Free Domain
    (.club, .pro, .party)
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  • OpenStack KVM
  • 1 vCore(s)
  • 2.4 GHz
  • RAM 2 GB
  • 10 GB SSD
  • Local RAID 10
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Hosting From GPDHost

Hosting From GPDHost

As soon as you decide to create your own website, the need for hosting immediately appears. What are the criteria for choosing it from thousands of offers on the market? What should you consider first? In essence, hosting is your arena for online action. This is where your site will actually be located.

Of course, many questions immediately arise. This is both the hosting capacity and its bandwidth. In addition, the capabilities of the control panel, the total cost of all services, and many others, no less important.

Such basic hostings functions as, for example, the allocation of resources for your project, the amount and quality of disk space, the speed of opening pages as a factor in an indicator of server performance - all this is important.

Of course, first, you need to decide on the size of the site. You need to understand what you will create. Either you need a business card site or a presentation of a project, company, enterprise, or startup ... Or maybe you are planning to launch an online store or marketplace?

The Main Options For Website Hosting Services:

Depending on the tasks facing the created resource, one of several basic options for site placement is chosen. The choice of the service you will receive depends on understanding what you want to create.

You need to weigh your hosting options. What is it that you need from hosting sites? What kind of web hosting services does your hosting offer? How much storage space does your website need?

Depending on these questions and many others, you will need to choose the hosting packages. Most people are not picky and as long as they get cheap hosting they are fine. You do need to consider customer service and live chat as well.

The Main Options For Website Hosting Services
Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting:

That is, for a one-page site, it will be absolutely sufficient to purchase a tariff plan for regular virtual hosting. In this version, many projects are placed simultaneously with an even distribution of the load. For a small site, this is not critical at all. And, at the same time, it makes it possible to very economically place your information on the Internet.

Shared Hosting Advantages:

Convenient price;
Free domain;
There is no need to configure the server;
No need for voluminous knowledge and skills in technical issues;
Server maintenance and administration take place at the provider level.


Restrictions on the range of server settings;
Increased loads of neighboring projects can slightly reduce the performance of the site.

Wide variety of web hosting products

Good products direct

VPS Hosting:

In the case of a medium-sized project, VPS hosting is best suited. In this case, the information is posted on a separate virtual server. In this case, there is a guaranteed reservation of VPS resources.

There is no need to worry about a possible decrease in performance. VPS plans in GPD Host are optimized for most tasks of medium-sized projects. Transparent pricing makes it possible not to overpay for unnecessary features.

VPS Hosting Advantages:

Guaranteed reservation of resource allocation;
Loads of neighboring VPSs do not affect the performance of the site in any way;
Wide range of customization options;
Ease of scaling;
Full root access.


Slightly higher cost;
Requires a certain amount of knowledge and skills to set up.

VPS Hosting
Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Of course, this is the safest option. Better yet, nothing has been invented and technically implemented. Such a structure will be able to serve the most demanding customers at the highest level of service.

That is, a cloud cluster or a dedicated server is a choice only for the initiator of the project. The technical level of the specialists involved in the project will be important here. That is, how is it more convenient for them to organize their work, based on the nuances of the development and functioning of the site.

You can not say anything about the advantages - all the parameters are at the highest level. And from the disadvantages - of course, this is a more expensive solution. But, as a rule, in such projects, the cost of the tariff plan is not significant.

There, completely different factors come out on top: reliability, quality of services, system capacity, and throughput. And, of course, security. These are the things that will be included with cloud hosting plans.

Dedicated Hosting

This option gives all the resources from a server. Dedicated hosting packages provide a single client with a dedicated server. These servers are located in hosting data centers and maintained by the hosting provider.

Because of all the dedicated resources, you will get more speed and power. This type of hosting will have a performance advantage over other hostings. Not having to share resources with others is always a great advantage.

However, before you decided to buy hosting. You need to think if you can actually afford it. Dedicated servers are usually the most pricy option on the market. So as always there are ups and downs to consider.

Dedicated Hosting
Hosting Management

Hosting Management

GPD Host provides its customers with two of the most popular hosting control panels to choose from. These are cPanel and Plesk.

CPanel Control Panel

It is the most popular. It can be used for all basic website actions. And this is not only setting up all the necessary site functions using the cPanel control panel. There is also a complex of possibilities from creating a website to fine-tuning it and permanent maintenance.

The webmaster will be able to fully appreciate the benefits of cPanel, especially when it comes to the work of several information resources at once. These are the broadest possibilities for customizing and installing applications and services.

Not only adding, changing, and customizing content. You have full control over the domain part and mail service of the site. And that's not all: various metrics, visit counters, site statistics. And many other functions. Including unique Softaculous.

Plesk Control Panel

GPD Host also provides an option for using the Plesk control panel.
This content management system is a graphical web-based application.
Plesk provides management capabilities not only for website and CMS systems (such as, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), but also allows you to manage server services.

That is, using Plesk you can not only create a website, but also install the necessary software, and fill it with content. All necessary services are configured directly from the web interface of the control panel. There are many plugins and widgets available for the convenience of the webmaster.

Also, of course, the functions of organizing the e-mail service on your site are also available. Any kind of forwarding, forwarding, filtering, antispam and complex authentication - Plesk control panel provides a complete set of tools.

Not overlooked and the security function: there is extended management of administrator and user rights. And for server services, there is root access for remote control of various server services from a browser using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Plesk Control Panel

Web Hosting Tools

Softaculous allows you to create and launch your website with just a few clicks. This auto-installer lets you manage hundreds of apps. That is, with Softaculous you are one click away from using any available application.

All components and modules for the site to work in Softaculous are collected in the script library. Everything you need for work is in one place. Softaculous Apps Installer is located in cPanel. GPD Host provides its clients with access to Softaculous when they sign up for hosting.

From WordPress installation, mail, filters, metrics, and database management, all the components you need are available. And the most interesting thing: hosting plans in GPD Host include providing cPanel for clients completely free of charge.

Comparing Hostings

So which is the best hosting for you? The main things to consider are quality of services, price, and support. There are thousands of providers on the market. So you need to think carefully and make an educated decision.

You need to prioritize which of the hosting aspects come first. Maybe you have some specific programming language experience. Or maybe you want a WordPress website, these things will affect your choice.

If this is the case, you might want to check specific options. Such as PHP hosting plans or managed WordPress hosting. You can ask directly for these kinds of specific options. At GPDHost we try to cover every client’s need.