Digital Art and GPD Host Company

Digital Art and GPD Host Company

We, at GPDHost, are captivated by everything that is new, progressive and bold. We want to engage with all of the phenomena, technology and ideas that move humanity forward. At GPD Host, we strive to disrupt the norm and help aid the innovative developments leading us towards a greater, more connected, future.

Our company promotes a variety of digital services and digital products. Not only do we offer a variety of web hosting services, such as virtual and real servers to facilitate online communications between individuals and entities, we’re also renegades in the NFT world. We aim to contribute to the digitization of fine art and culture, via our own collection of masterpieces of world art.

About GPD Host's NFT collection

GPD Host is collecting and growing an NFT collection full of artistic masterpieces painted by the geniuses of our civilization. We’re currently in the process of acquiring numerous works by artists ranging from the 15th century into present day.

Within the vast GPD Host collection, one can follow the whole formation and development of art from the second half of the 19th century onwards. From hyper realistic Neoclassical mastery to the works of the impressionists, through the modernist trends of the early 20th century and to their digitalization via NFT, one can easily trace and identify the progression of Western art. More specifically, through our expansive collection of non-fungable tokens, we seek to embrace visual art and assist its preservation in pure digital form via NFT technology and blockchain.

What is an NFT?

NFTs have become a mega buzz word as of late, one that also seems to be inescapable. When NFT’s first gained popularity, people began selling their viral tweets, short form content videos and other viral memes as digital property. As a result, the NFT Market exploded, as did the concept of digital intellectual property rights and digital assets. But, before we get into that, what exactly is an non-fungable token?

NFTs are non fungible tokens, collectors items that cannot be replicated and exist as a distinct datapoint on the blockchain. However, you don’t need to be an expert in blockchain to buy NFTs or crypto NFT art.

NFTs can range widely in price. While non-fungable token prices can be on the lower, more affordable end, there are a number of highly priced, highly valued NFTs. The most expensive NFT, thus far, sold for $91.8 million; an artwork known as “The Merge”. However, exorbitant price tags are not necessarily what gives NFTs meaning.

At present, Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace where users can view a range of NFTs for sale. NFT examples include cryptopunks, sports NFTs, crypto collectibles, newspaper headlines, trading cards, music albums and so forth. However, there are other peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces like Coinbase non-fungable token where you can also buy, sell, trade and create your own NFTs.

The world of NFTs and blockchain is still evolving, and the potential for NFTs is rather endless. So while auctioning off viral internet memorabilia may have accelerated NFTs’ launch into the mainstream, truly anything can become non-fungable token including real world objects, and virtual events.

What is an NFT?
What is NFT Art?

What is NFT Art?

The concept of NFT art can range from purchasing unique digital representations of historic art masterpieces like Gustav Klimt’s or Leonardo Da Vinci’s to purchasing digital art by up and coming artists. Many new digital artworks are being auctioned at world famous auction houses like Sotheby’s and going for millions of dollars. Though NFT Art is still a relatively new concept, it has already transformed the concept of art in the 21st century.

Our NFT art collection

Though our collection is broad, there are a number of paintings that stand out. For example, it is impossible not to mention a completely unique and iconic painting -- “The Barbizon Forest" by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, reflecting the artistic style of the Barbizon School of 19th century France. In fact, it is a quintessentially realistic representation of the Barbizon art movement and atmosphere of this era. The painting depicts a striking realistic landscape that appears more like a color photograph of the first half of the 20th century, than an oil painting.

The selection of paintings in our collection were chosen on the basis of their artistic, cultural and, most importantly, historical value. We think it's important to identify and illustrate the evolution of painting development.

For example, in our collection we include three sketches by Kazimir Malevich that were painted in 1916 and appraised as his most expensive paintings at the time. We selected these works on the basis of his unique development in abstract art. The distinct and emotive nature of suprematism, the artistic movement Malevich coined and refined, is what makes his art stand the test of time. Furthermore, judging by the recognition of contemporary auction houses, Malevich’s work was truly epoch-making for that time and a watershed for the further development of the visual arts.

Collection of NFTs based on paintings from famous artists

The GPD Host NFT collection, which includes dozens of works by internationally renowned artists, is valuable, precisely, due to our historical outlook on visual art. These are paintings that were instrumental in the historical development of art. These are the works of Eugène Boudin, specifically from the period when he awakened Monet's attraction to landscapes, and departed from his youthful caricatures.

Thus, the GPD Host NFT collection reflects not only artistic development, but also establishes a direct link between generations of famous painters. Our selection includes sketches by Leonardo da Vinci, drawings by Cézanne, Degas, Dali and Picasso; oil paintings by Troillon, Corot, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, van Gogh and Matisse. Furthermore, artistic works by more modern artists are also on display. These include paintings by Gustav Klimt, Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Juan Miró, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Mark Rothko, Yves Klein, Franz Kline and Jean-Michel Basquiat

NFT digital tokens from the GPD Host collection

As a digitally engaged technology company, GPD Host has followed the natural evolution of art in the digital world, specifically capturing globally renowned artistic masterpieces in NFT. Moreover, the high resolution exhibited in our collection is further confirmation of our ownership of these masterpieces and direct access to them.

Collection of NFTs based on paintings from famous artists
Through our NFT platform, we hope to accomplish several goals

Through our NFT platform, we hope to accomplish several goals:

First, we want to make art more accessible to the world. The NFT Art platform will provide an opportunity for art connoisseurs, collectors and investors alike to participate in the turnover of the world's masterpieces.

Second, the creation of protected digital art objects allows us to approach artistic work from multiple angles. Unlike simply viewing a piece of art at a museum, with NFT you can simultaneously become an investor, art enthusiast and art historian. That is, if you own such non-fungable token, you will have an opportunity to obtain a multifunctional piece of art, one that maintains monetary value in units of cryptocurrency forever imprinted on the blockchain. When you purchase an NFT artwork, you can own a piece of global artistic history.

Finally, there are other features of NFT that are not immediately discernible; even those who have been working with NFT for several years do not quite understand its intrinsic value. For example, some fail to recognize their value as a highly functional asset. NFTs are one of the many currencies of the future, with stock-like properties that can be traded on various exchanges.

Current Information on our NFT Art Collection

At the moment, all of these paintings are in storage. Our company plans to create a thematic art gallery for public access. GPD Host NFT token holders will be able to visit our gallery for free and bring up to two friends. Together, you can enjoy world class artistic masterpieces from the comfort of your own home.

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