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Why should you get an SSL certificate with GPD Host? It’s a reasonable question to ask yourself before spending money.

We are a web host that pride ourselves in the quality of the service we provide. This is true for all products, including website security certificates.

SSL price range can vary. We will provide you with the best SSL certificate.

Certificate is essential to make sure your website is encrypted and safe for visitors. Good Product Direct has a 30 days money back guarantee on all products.

You can buy SSL Certificate for a year as low as $10. We also provide a free SSL certificate option to our customers. It’s included with all our hosting plans and as a bonus you can claim free domain as well.

Price of Securing Your Data

Even the most basic SSL Certificate secures data and transactions for your visitors. Of course, you should do some research to get an idea of what an SSL certificate costs. It’s only natural to read up on the products you wish to purchase.

An SSL is needed for every website.

When you consider the low annual cost, obtaining an SSL Certificate becomes a no-brainer. There is no price tag on encrypting your client’s data and protecting them from fraud.

Get SSL Certificate for Small to Large Businesses

GPDHost provides the best SSL certificate security options and solutions. When you have a proper certificate, your website visitors and customers can see that the website is safe and secured by Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

Secure Sockets Layer Certificates help protect sensitive data against fraud and identity theft. When visitors come to your website, they will see that you have secure sockets layer protection. Visitors will know that your business can be trusted. They will feel safe and proceed to purchase your products with confidence.

Ensuring safety of your website visitors is very important. especially if you are a small business just starting out. It is important to gain accreditation to boost the credibility of your business. Gain the trust of your customers and make sure they keep coming back.

To build a successful business, you often need to attract loyal long-term customers.

Create more secure websites with SSL Certification.

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Get SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate Steps

Follow these 4 steps to encrypt and protect sensitive customer data against fraud and identity theft. Manage and secure domains in the GPD Host Account Panel.


Purchase SSL Certificate For Website

Choose the type of certificates. Enter required information to make the purchase and receive confirmation.


Activate SSL Certificate

Select certificate within dashboard. Generate CSR code and private key in Control Panel.

Install SSL Certificate

Receive verified certificate install files. Follow installation instructions and complete your purchase.

Manage SSL Certificate

You can manage the information associated with your certificate. Renew or make changes to certificates in the GPD Host account panel.

Good Products Direct SSL Certificate Options

All GPD Host partner brands providing SSL (secure sockets layer certificates) are official Certificate Authority (CA). These organizations are authorized and trusted to sign digital certificates.

CA providers verify the identity and validity of any company or individual requesting secure sockets layer certification. GPD Host only issues authority verified Certificates.


as low as $10.00/year

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Best SSL Certificate

Highly affordable and easy-to-use secure sockets layer. Works perfectly for WordPress websites. Our support will assist you if you have any installing or browser issue.


Single Domain SSL

The certificate for a single domain SSL provides encryption and security for a single unique domain name or single subdomain.


Multi Domain SSL

In the case of a multi domain SSL certificates are specifically designed to serve multiple websites. Multi Domain certificates are ideal for organizations with multiple unique domains hosted on a single server.


Domain Validation

Validation Level
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Ideal for securing information based websites and blogs not requiring transactions

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are the budget friendly SSL Certification option. It’s the most cost efficient option for both validation and encryption of your website. DV Certificates are popular for all types of websites.

  • Lowest priced option for SSL
  • Digitally issued under 15 minutes
  • No paperwork is required in most cases
  • Website Seal of Certification trust indicator

Extended Validation

Validation Level
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Ideal for securing sites that accept credit cards and other sensitive customer information

Extended validation certificate or EV (for short) is the best option for validation and encryption.

They ensure the legal entity of the owner and are only issued by a key certificate authority that can sign off on EV certificates.

  • Highest degree of SSL security and recognition
  • In depth examination of your business
  • Green Bar web browser trust indicator
  • Additional trust indicators and website badges

GPD Host SSL Certificate Features

Every SSL certificate featured provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256K encryption and website trust indicators. We at Good Products Direct (GPD Host) provide better support than the average industry standard! Evaluate security options and get the best product for your website from GPD Host. The strength of secure sockets layer encryption is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key encrypting the data. While 128-bit encryption is generally considered both sufficient and the industry standard for data protection, 256-bit encryption is much harder to break.


Website Seal of Certification

All GPD Host SSL certificates include a Website Seal of Certification trust indicator. It’s a visual reminder to customers that your site is encrypted, validated and protected.


Support Team

GPD Host support team personnel are ready to provide 24-hour customer service to you. Our staff is highly-trained and knowledgeable; they have been hired for their high quality performance and politeness. Our helpful support team is available to answer your questions and offer advice about our industry and products.

Browser Independent

All SSL certificates that we provide are compatible with any browser. Our certificates ensure an optimum browsing experience and verification across all web browsers.

Encryption Level

GPD Host ensures high-level website and domain security. SSL Certificates generated with 256-bit encryption will secure all online transactions. 256-bit encryption offers greater protection.

Wordpress SSL

Wordpress SSL Certificate

One of the best and easiest platforms for a website is Wordpress. With Wordpress, you can build your website in minutes. Moreover, Wordpress SSL certificates are easy to obtain. A Wordpress SSL Certificate is just a secure sockets layer certificate on the Wordpress site.

There are multiple Wordpress plugins that will handle everything when it comes to adding a secure sockets layer SSL Certificate.

WordPress HTTPS is one of the best plugins out there for registering an SSL Certificate. Though this plugin is very popular, you can install it on your Wordpress site for free. There’s also WP Force SSL which is very useful. Basically, you can redirect insecure HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS one without having to write or edit any code.

What is the difference between http and https SSL?

To put it simply, HTTPS is HTTP with encryption. The difference between the two is that HTTPS uses TLS to encrypt normal HTTP requests and responses. Because of this SSL protocol HTTPS is more secure than HTTP.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is SSL, but an updated, more secure, version of it. As SSL is a more commonly known name, it’s still referred to as such. When you purchase a certificate with GPD Host, you are actually buying the most up to date TLS certificate.

Certificate management

Certificate management

SSL certificate management is the process of monitoring, managing and analyzing every necessary certification process for network operations. Also known as x.509 certificate management. It checks for SSL connections to make sure that the certificate works properly.

Activating HTTPS

Activating HTTPS on your Web Server

SSL certificate contains the encryption technique to establish a secure channel between the web server and ArcGIS Server. There are three types of certificates: CA-signed, domain, and self-signed.

Your web server must be secured with a trusted certificate. Once you have obtained a certificate, bind it to your web server in Internet Information Services Manager.

When binding a certificate to your domain, expand the menu item for your server. Click Default Web Site, then select Bindings and choose the site binding for HTTPS.

Public and Private Keys

Difference between Public and Private Keys

Almost all encryption methods in use today employ public and private keys. One key (public key) is used to encrypt the plain text to convert it into cipher text. While the other key (private key) is used by the receiver to decrypt the cipher text to read the message.

Internet Security Protocol
Internet Security Protocol

Secure Sockets Layer was first developed in the 90s by Netscape. It’s purpose was to ensure privacy and data integrity on the internet. SSL certificates continue to be an integral part of data security and website safety.

Security for SEO
Importance of Website Security for SEO

Security has always been the top priority. Most search engines have taken a strict stance on SSL Certification. Most search engines want to ensure people’s privacy is protected. Not having a proper certificate can be bad for your website and its ranking.

Without proper certification, your site will be flagged as not secure. Every time someone tries to visit your site an error will occur and prevent visitors from accessing your site. This error occurs when a web browser can’t identify certificates installed on a website. These issues can discourage visitors from making purchases and returning to your site.


Increasing Website Awareness and Trust

Accrediting your site with a certification is an opportunity to increase the level of user trust. Visitors know that this organization exists legally, and the address is correct. Websites that begin with HTTPS instantly show that they are verified. Other advantages that an SSL certificate provides:

Faster advancement in the Google search. Higher positions in the SERP

Increasing the business status for sites protected by encryption.

When using the HTTPS protocol, the name of the organization is displayed in the address bar.

SSL Certificates work with all browsers. Our certificate ensures that your website can be viewed across the web via both computers and mobile devices.

The security certificate obtained from us can be renewed. You can find out about the prices, offered trust levels, plans by contacting the company's consultants and chatting with GPD Hosting.

Install an SSL Certificate today!