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Create Websites Fast With Our High-Performance Web Hosting Options:

GPD Host is the one stop shop for launching your website, providing our customers with the best dedicated hosting packages at the most competitive rates. We understand the actual needs of our customers & offer the best web hosting solutions to help you meet your business goals without breaking the bank.

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Evaluate Web Hosting

Meet the new NFT ART service

New service from GPD Host - NFT Art

GPD Host has launched a new NFT Art service for its clients and digitizes its own collection of dozens of paintings by world-famous artists, and also represents the interests of contemporary New York artist Michael Korosty.

NFT Promotion from GPD Host - 30% Cashback

Promotion is being held as part of the presale: until May 1, 2022, each of the buyers of NFT Art tokens from the GPD Host collections will receive a 30% cashback within 3 days to the same account from which the purchase was made.

GPD Host NFT Collection on Opensea.io

The first work exhibited on the opensea.io marketplace was a drawing by Edgar Degas, divided into 441 fragments of 1 square centimeter. We, as a modern digital company, want to make classical and contemporary art accessible to a wide range of people.

Next Promotions NFT Art from GPD Host

The following paintings, which will be digitized in ultra-high resolution, are divided and put up for sale by GPD Host on the opensea.io marketplace - a drawing by Picasso and a painting by Boudin. Then paintings by Dali, Monet, Corot, Renoir, van Gogh, Matisse and many others will be exhibited…

GPD Host NFT Collection on Opensea.io
How do I create a website?

How do I create a website?

We're the best Web hosting company in the business to get you started with our site, even if it's your first time building a website. Gpd Host will help you create your website with free domain registration and 24/7 tech support to assist you with any questions along the way. Learn about all of our web hosting options.

We offer a range of hosting possibilities from Wordpress Hosting, to Shared Hosting, to Dedicated Server hosting to VPS Hosting based on Linux or Windows operating systems. Our hosting services are equipped with a Plesk Hosting Control Panel or Cpanel.

Choose From One of Our Many Cheap VPS Web Hosting Offers: We've got several cheap VPS options available for all of your needs!

What is a VPS?

Cloud based VPS Hosting is an affordable way to launch your website. VPS is a highly functional virtual machine that can compete with a physical server in performing many crucial computational, shortening load time and organizational tasks.

A Virtual Private Server is a reliable hosting platform when it comes to optimizing web performance, security and loading speed. Our VPS Service allows you to integrate various software programs, plugins and other databases to help you run and manage your site.

How Does VPS Work?

Gpdhost allocates space on its servers to run your own Virtual Private Server. The functionality of a VPS is comparable to a physical server, which means that all of your files, databases and web content are stored securely on our network. With VPS Cloud Hosting you can access your files from anywhere, which is an ideal feature for any company that takes part in remote working.

Instant Setup!

All of our website hosting options are easy to set up. With tools like Cpanel, Plesk and Wordpress navigating the website building process has never been easier.

What is a VPS?
Easily Allocate Virtual Machine Resources

Easily Allocate Virtual Machine Resources:

When it comes to allocating resources, our VPS offers optimal flexibility. Our VPS uses a Control Panel which permits fine-tuning of all the necessary parameters (CPU Cores, Memory, Storage) of your virtual machine.

Managing several servers at once has never been easier. To optimize your site performance, set up cluster mode to manage load balancing and scale resources on the network.

Optimize Your Site With Our Built-In Control Panel:

All of our VPS Hosting Plans come with Cpanel, an easy to use Control Panel that gives our clients more flexibility when building their websites. Through Cpanel dashboard, clients can manage all of the backend components of their website, particularly when it comes to CPU resource management.

With our VPS Servers, we offer two operating systems to choose from: Linux VPS or Windows VPS.

Get the Best Rates from GPD Host:

Gpdhost has designed optimal pricing plans to meet our customers' needs for VPS payload and resources. We guarantee unlimited internet traffic at 1GBit/s, transparent pricing, and no hidden fees.

Get the Best Rates from GPD Host
Social Media

Social Media:

You can easily add your social media posts and pages on your website or blog and provide options to share them. In addition you can create a social login option for all visitors.

There are many email marketing tools you can use, pick one and start with simple email signups, whether it’s for simple tracking for analytics or sending out newsletters you will start to steadily grow your email list.

24/7 Technical Support:

Choose your pricing plan and buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Gpdhost will assist you with all of your technical needs and questions.

Our 24/7 technical support is ready to answer all your questions. Our customer service experts can assist you via online chat or through the ticket system.

24/7 Technical Support

Buy VPS:

Buy a VPS now and you can get your project up and running in minutes. After registering your domain and entering your payment info, you'll be on your way to launching your site.

All you have to do is choose an operating system, select the necessary capacity and configure your control panel. Once you've figured out all the backend specs, you can personalize your website to your taste.



To provide our customers with maximum speed, we use SSD(Solid State Drive) disks. They increase the loading efficiency of your site on any computer. SSDs commonly use less power and result in longer battery life because data access is much faster.


We provide full server protection and monitoring, as well as micro-segmentation in Private Cloud and virtual infrastructures. Our data centers guarantee 99.9% uptime for our hosting service. Safety and reliability is one of our strongest assets.


We offer you full monitoring of your site performance. We have only modern equipment at our disposal. Testing and protection of client sites are possible 24/7. Unmetered DDoS Protection, Connectivity Monitoring, Flexible Billing.


We constantly create backups of sites at any tariff. This will protect you from site data loss. This kind of backup can be a lifesaver. Of course it’s one’s responsibility to take care of the website and it’s data. However it’s reassuring when your host has your back.


GPD Hosting is a specialized member of the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). GPDHost is a trustworthy and reliable brand. We have been working tirelessly for many years. Our clients expect only the best service.


Our team is available to answer your questions at any time. Protecting Your Privacy. Overview of security and encryption of digital SSL certificates. Guard your transaction & delicate data Top Tier Safety & Security and SSL Digital certificate Encryption

Guard your transaction & delicate data from misrepresentations

Review about Safety & Security and, SSL Digital certificate Encryption

Shared hosting

Shared hosting

Affordable web hosting with cPanel, includes free domain.
Starts at $1.99/mo
Learn more

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting

WordPress optimized hosting, fast installation and easy maintenance.
Starts at $1.99/mo
Learn more

VPS hosting

VPS hosting

Powerful and fast VPS with Full root access, fully scalable secure servers.
Starts at $7.99/mo
Learn more

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting

Exclusive rights and full use of resources on the server.
Starts at $99.99/mo
Learn more

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

WHM & cPanel with support of the latest PHP.
Starts at $4.99/mo
Learn more

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

Secures data and transactions for your website visitors.
Starts at $10/yr
Learn more

Robust Web Hosting With Technical Support

Buy Domain Names From Us:

Gpdhost provides a free domain name registration service. You can choose from over 500 domain addresses. The first step to launching a website is choosing the right domain. Use our domain name search to see what is currently available.

After verifying that the name you want is unique - go through the Gpdhost registration procedure.

Your unique domain name is how you'll represent your site and your brand on the Internet.

Take Advantage of Our Domain Registration Offers:

Gpdhost plans come with an added bonus! We offer the domain registration and the SSL certificate for free. Both are included in our hosting plans, starting at just $9.99 per year. We offer both common domain extensions and more unique options like .party, .pro and .club. Browse through our domain search registration to see which extension fits your needs.

Take Advantage of Our Domain Registration Offers
Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate:

All of our hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate to authenticate the identity of your website. An SSL Certificate lets your customers know that they are on a legitimate and trustworthy site. As we partner with several trusted organizations we can guarantee certification authority.

SSL works by making one key of the pair (the public key) known to the outside world, while the other (the private key) remains a secret only you know.


Check Out Our Cheap Wordpress Hosting Options:

For our customers, we provide the highest quality services at the most affordable rates. With Wordpress Hosting, you can tailor your website with all the most up to date Website Builder tools. Wordpress is a great platform for hosting your personal website or e-commerce business with hundreds of website designs and Wordpress themes to choose from.

A Wordpress Website is guaranteed to look professional while also being incredibly easy to use. With Wordpress, you won't even need to hire a graphic designer or webmaster. You can do it all from the Wordpress dashboard.

Discover a range of free website templates and dozens of plugins to use for managing all components of your business. Ask us about Wordpress CPanel, another great tool to improve the performance of your website.

Managing Wordpress is easy, you don’t need to learn web design to create slick looking websites, you can just pick template that best suits your needs, you just need few clicks as wordpress is pre installed and optimised for all web browsers

Check Out Our Cheap Wordpress Hosting Options
Why Choose a GPD Host?

Why Choose a GPD Host?

Our main task at GPD Host is to amplify the quality of our services and earn the trust of our customers. We understand that small companies need the best rates.

That's why we are sure that our cost-effective hosting plans will be the best solution for your business.

It doesn't matter if you have ample coding experience or are just starting your first website. Our team of experts will help you reach your goals. From the plans we offer, choose the package that best suits your website needs.

Switch Your Website Hosting To Us:

Gpdhost offers free website migration. If you're already hosted by another company, you can switch to us without any hassle. Our website migration is carried out with the help of advanced cloud technologies, making it super easy to switch over to us. All of your website data will be safely migrated in no time.

All plans include SSD disks with the ability to customize the amount of disk space. As well as free backups once a week. The server is completely under your control thanks to the control panel.

All this makes it easy to scale your site with the latest cloud technology. Instead of saving your files in one place, you'll have access to them wherever you go. You can even keep your old domain name.

Cheapest Hosting Rates:

With Gpdhost, you get the cheapest hosting rates. Our experts have designed excellent offers for any sized business or personal site.



Reliable hosting services for any business:

We also offer a wide range of services, which includes VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress, game server and even reseller hosting.
Our hosting services can run anything from a one-page site, to a blog, to a busy online store, exchange or marketplace.

Download a free website builder with multiple themes and templates. Website Builders can help save time when creating a new site.

Unlimited traffic and up to 1GBit/sec bandwidth with no restrictions. We'll keep your data safe! We even offer a one-month money-back guarantee.

Cloud Based Servers offer the highest level of security; all of your information will be kept in the cloud instead of a single server.

Technical Support Whenever You Need:

Our experts are always available! You can ask your questions 24/7 in the online chat.

The Best Web Hosting Company In The Business:

Gpdhost offers optimal rates, competitive prices. No hidden fees. Everything is transparent. Check our database to verify the uniqueness of your intended domain name and register it with us in seconds.

Let us help you create a website with modern website hosting technology!


Reliable hosting services for any business

Hosting with GPDHost

How do you imagine working on a website? How will you control its work? How much time will it take you?

GPDHost gives you the opportunity not to be distracted by unnecessary control and not to worry when you can automate the services of your website. And the reliable technical support service is always available for any questions.

Carefully save your data in the Cloud today!

Secure isolated access on any of device, starting from $3.99/per month only.