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Building your brand starts with selecting the right domain name. With our support, we can give your site a home. Be sure to choose an appropriate and concise domain name. A memorable domain name is an effective way to broadcast and promote your brand while building a strong online presence.

We offer cheap domain name registration or bulk domain registration at cost-effective prices for any sized business. We offer a wide variety of cheap host names and extensions.

Securing a unique domain name ensures digital property ownership that won’t be subject to the jurisdiction of your registrar.

Make your idea come to life and register your domain name with us!

Get better visibility and exposure in search engines

A calculated investment. Don’t worry, no one will know how little you paid for your domain!

Аbout the GPD Host Domain Market:

GPD Host Company provides its customers with the ability to choose and register domain names. Free domain names are included along with free SSL certificates.

All of these freebies are available if you purchase any of our web hosting plans. Customers can choose from three domain name extensions - .pro, .party or .club.

Another noteworthy free domain is .xyz - for those who like an educational sounding approach. This name can serve as a mirror of the main site. For example if you are launching a tutoring website, it may be useful to use this extension.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to register and get a domain. If you have any questions about domain hosting - you can contact our round the clock technical support.

Make a name for yourself today!

How to choose a domain address and zone

Some domain extensions are trendy and innovative, while others remain classic. The most identifiable domain extension is ‘.com.’ which was first registered in 1985. The extension ‘.Com’ is popular and can belong to just about any type of website: a blog, a private company, an online store, a streaming site, an editorial magazine or a brand.

Meanwhile, extensions like ‘.org’, ‘.net’, ‘.info’ may be better options for a non profit organization or institution.

Certain domain expansions have come to indicate the specifics of a company or a blog , like ‘.party’, ‘.bar’, ‘.club’.

Choosing the perfect domain and extension for your website is crucial to building your online brand. No one will remember your IP address, but they will remember the name of your site.

Domain Market
Choosing a domain

Choosing a domain is an important task when creating a company website.

Like choosing a name to call your company, choosing the right domain is just as important. If you offer a specialized service, there are a number of appropriate extensions to choose from like: .guru, .name, .pro. Our domain registry offers the ability to choose from several dozen domain extensions that can be tailored for all purposes.

If you need to choose a domain zone (DNS zone) it is better to choose one that will improve the efficiency of your site. Choosing appropriate domain zones will help customers find you.

Creativity is also important when it comes to coming up with unique domain names. If you stray away from the standard recommendations, you can come up with something new and memorable. For example, is an interesting solution for a community of designers or a specialist's portfolio.

Our search engine will automatically suggest domains available in the registration zones. Our tech support service will help you with all the steps in securing your desired domain.

We have more than five hundred domain zones. You can select one that suits your website.

We can help provide your resource name to formalize your presence on the Internet.

You can increase the visibility of your business on the web when you buy a domain from GPD Host. Registering your website is fast and easy.


Easy-to-use control panel, affordable pricing, dedicated customer support, domain theft protection and more. We provide you with the best offers to help you make your site easy and professional. You can choose from a variety of options that will get your website up and running with perfect ease. We make sure that you find the right domain and that it has a reliable home on the Internet.

  • Better visibility & exposure on search engine
  • Calculated investment
  • We keep our domain prices unbeatably low

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Register a domain with GPDHost, and check out our special deals and offers both on domains and on hosting.

At GPD Host, you’ll get: an easy-to-use control panel, affordable pricing, dedicated customer support, domain theft protection and more. We provide you with the best offers to help you make your site easy and professional. You can choose from a variety of options that will get your website up and running with perfect ease. We make sure that you find the right domain and that it has a reliable home on the Internet.

Get unmetered bandwidth, insanely fast loading speeds, unlimited storage space and more with our wide variety of hosting packages. Our packages are designed to meet all of your hosting needs.

  • Save time and money with cheap name registration
  • Unbeatable offers on domain and hosting packages
  • Free email account corresponding to your domain
  • Cheap cloud hosting packages
  • Cheap wordpress hosting services

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Many hosting companies offer a discount on first time domain registration and then charge an arm and a leg to keep that name. At GPD Host, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can keep their domain name for a long time, without breaking the bank. We charge affordable rates for domain renewal so you can keep your website up and running.

GPD Host is a reliable hosting company that you can count on. When it comes to launching your website, it is important that you can rely on your hosting company for proper maintenance, high speed servers, fast page loading speeds, secure data encryption; all things necessary to operate a modern, dependable and high quality website.

Changing a hosting provider can be a pain. So, you want to make sure that you find the hosting provider the first time around. And with GPD Host, you can be sure that your website will be up to speed for a long time.

At our company, we don’t outsource. We strive to help our customers launch the highest quality websites using the highest quality networks. We have multiple high performing data centers based in NYC. This means that you’ll never experience lags or downtime.


We will help you choose from a wide range of custom domain extensions and offer cheap .com registration. There are a wide selection of cheap domain names.

You can also select a country code top level domain, to specify which region your business will serve. Using a regional domain extension like .nyc can be especially helpful if you have a website with a more common noun in the name and your desired domain is unavailable.

Otherwise, you can use regional domain extensions that correspond to the country your business is operating within. For example if you are in the United Arab Emirates, you can select the extension ‘.ae’.

Even if your preferred domain free extensions are not available, you still have options to choose from like .info, .biz, .net, .pro etc. (for free!).

  • Choose your domain name
  • Customize your extensions

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It’s totally okay if you’re not a professional coder! Or if you’ve never even built a website before. With GPD Host, you can build a website in no time, and with no HTML skills. Our hosting packages are designed for people with all levels of website building experience. With our domain hosting services, you can also download a number of website building programs and plugins to help you design the perfect website.

Wordpress is one of the most popular tools for building a website. With GPD Host, you can successfully complete a wordpress installation in minutes!

  • You can use Wordpress, cPanel, Plesk or our own GPDHost Website Builder
  • You can choose from a number of professional looking website templates (free + paid)
  • You can download all the necessary plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPForms and Jetpack to help make the perfect site
Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

To check if your domain name is available, just type it into our domain name search. This way you will be able to see if you can register your website name. We will also offer a couple of alternative extensions you might be interested in, in case your desired domain name is unavailable.



Choose the best available name and the custom extension best suited to your business or organization. You can use cheap DNS registration provided by GPD Host. The construction of a domain name, with a custom extension means that you can come up with millions of unique website names.

Be sure to brainstorm to come up with the right name for your site. Once you have selected a unique domain name, and completed registration, your customers will be able to recognize your website, and find you in an instant. Be sure to utilize SEO strategies to help broadcast and promote your website to the first page of Google.



When you register your own domain name, you can create custom email addresses for you and your employees. Customized email addresses create a professional image and boost credibility. Moreover, personalized email addresses can add flexibility and improve organization.

You can tailor all aspects of communication to your brand and create email aliases specifically for different users and departments (support@, info@, etc.). This provides more clarity to customers and appropriate routing. With a high level of email organization, you can read and reply to all emails from one inbox.


Purchasing the perfect domain name is a key step to building your business. If you’ve found the perfect domain name, you may not want to wait too long. Someone else may grab your desired domain name while you hesitate.

Brands need recognition to stand out from their competitors. A good way to distinguish your business is to find the right domain name. Once your business grows, you can expand the website through industry relevant extensions.


Be sure to optimize your keywords through SEO practices. Selecting the right keywords can help build your local or international business presence online. To grow your brand, we also recommend customizing email addresses for your employees and creating interesting content on your site. Posting frequent blogs can help generate traffic. Also, be sure to connect with your customers and colleagues through social media. All companies and existing brands need recognition. Find the right name for your trademark. Set up email addresses and fill the site with interesting content. Get your potential customers interested!


Protect your brand - register your brand with extensions to resist cybersquatting. Trademark your domain name to protect against fraudsters.


Domain names that contain relevant keywords can give you a competitive advantage. Be sure to insert keywords and other related terms in your web content. Utilizing SEO marketing practices can help your site gain more traffic.

Find a popular term for a domain name that is still available to make your site more visible.

Use our search engine to compare and query available domain names and zones.


To attract new audiences to your website, you want your site to rank well on a Google search. Be search to research relevant keywords and insert them into your content where appropriate.

Search engine algorithms evaluate the weight of a keyword to measure its ranking (SERP). Understanding these key concepts can help your site gain more views. Mastering SEO is important. Your competitors are probably already doing it.

Use our domain name search engine with Google. Compare search terms (keywords) and queries for available names and extensions.

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We can help you with all steps of domain registration. Our domain prices are some of the best on the market. We even offer free domain options. Our web hosting services come with a bunch of free added bonuses to make building your website as simple as possible.

Pick any cheap names for your domain.

GPD Host domain name search will show you if the domain is available. Once you find an available name, we make it simple to buy and register cheap domain names. Searching for domains has never been easier. The process of registering a domain is swift and smooth.

A website domain name is essential. Picking the correct domain extension is also very important. So we advise you to do a bit of research. Once you know what you want, you can buy and register a domain in a few minutes.

Buy Domain Names

When buying domain names, the first thing you need to consider is an extension. Domain prices vary depending on the extension. Also logically, prices go up with the duration you wish to maintain your domain.

So buying a domain name for 5 years will obviously cost more than 1 year. However most of the time there are discount and bundle deals for lengthy domain purchases. As it is with any product, domain price plays a big part when you buy domain names.

Do not forget that domains and websites are long-term investments. Give it a lot of thought before buying a domain. Make sure your website stays relevant in the long run. Don’t just think about the here and now, but also consider the future of your company.



We offer a wide range of shared hosting plans. Among our selection, Wordpress hosting plans are some of our most popular. Our cheapest plan starts as low as $ 1.99. Wordpress Hosting services are an excellent option for anyone seeking to build a professional website with ease. There’s no need to install Wordpress as it comes pre-installed. It is built in with hundreds of free Wordpress website template options.

Wordpress users can take advantage of the many benefits we offer. Our web hosting services features include: Daily backups, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited websites, WhoIS domain database, multiple email accounts, 24/7 support. We also have additional services of free SSL and domain with every web hosting plan.


For businesses and other enterprises, GPD Host offers advanced options for building a corporate mail system. Corporate email systems can assist any company with overhead, organization and communication between employees and customers.

With a corporate email system, a company can oversee its internal structures within an integrated and efficient communication platform. This is useful for establishing geographical distinctions (say, the name of the country or city) and comes in handy when communicating with different teams in a single company. For example, you can create specific email addresses for the support team or accounting team.

Registering the right domain name to use for corporate mail is essential for any company. Quality corporate mail addresses are short, concise and memorable. They are easy to remember and represent the ethos of a company in various internal or business interactions. A properly structured email system can say a lot to employees.

This type of mail categorization is highly recommended. An efficient corporate mail system simplifies and speeds up communication in today's business environment.

Need for a domain purchase

Whatever you do online, sooner or later you will need a website. Which in return means you will need to secure your domain purchase. Your first step will be registering a domain, of course. If it is your first time picking a domain you might not know which one is best for you.

In reality it is all pretty straightforward. You just need to pick an easy-to-remember name. Keep it short. The right name should convey your brand or idea. You might also want to do some research on key terms for your domain segmentation.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Our customer support team is available at any time of the day. We can advise you on multiple subjects. Whether it is about domain or web hosting. We make sure to do software updates and design changes regularly. So we are always online.

How To Get Free Domain

Register with GPD Host
Buy your preferred web hosting (WordPress, cPanel, Plesk)
Pick any web hosting plan
Choose one of the free domain options we offer (.party, .pro, .club)

In addition, we have a special offer, if you buy web hosting for 1 year it comes with free ‘.com’ domain extension. Every time you renew your hosting plan your domain will be renewed for free. Basically, you get a free .com domain for life.
For more information visit our offer page


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Who can register a Domain Name?

    Any person or entity can register a domain name. Individuals, organizations, corporations, small businesses can register a domain to gain specific recognition on the Internet.

  • Why do I need a Domain Name?

    A domain name is your online ID in the form of a website name. Without a registered domain name, your business may have a harder time getting discovered. Often, a functioning domain name and accessible website are necessary to grow your brand on the web.

  • How long does it take to register a Domain Name?

    As soon as we receive the payment, your domain name gets registered. Once it is registered it will show up in the WHOIS database immediately. The DNS mapping of the WHOIS domain can take up to 48 hrs to reflect any changes. Please be assured that you have been reserved as the ‘Registrant’ and the name cannot be used by anyone else.

  • What are the different components of Domain Name?

    The structure of a domain name combines two or more components. The last component is called "Top Level Domain"(TLD). TLD is the suffix that is attached to the end of a domain name (think .com, .net). For instance, in the domain name,, ".com" is the TLD, also known as a domain name extension.

    Generic Top Level Domains (GTLD) such as .com, .org, .net, can be registered by anybody. The component that comes before the TLD is "Second Level Domain"(SLD), which is the name you selected for your site. E.g. in '', netlynx is the SLD; '.com' is the TLD.

    One can also have an additional component to their domain. This is known as a Third Level Domain which is helpful for added site organization. For instance: in ‘’; 'Third' is called the host name or "Third Level Domain".

  • What is the difference between TLDS i.e. .com, .org and .net?

    There is no significant difference between the 3 main TLD's. And, there is no real added benefit to choosing one TLD over the other. Sometimes it is a matter of availability or a matter of taste. The TLD’s ‘.com’, ‘.org’, and ‘.net’ are just a few options you can choose from. You can even register a site with all three separate extensions.

    If you want a more unique TLD, you can also register your site under the following TLDs: .biz, .info, .us, .cc, .tv, .co, .in, etc.

    The wide variety of TLDs out there is useful, as it becomes easier to get a particular domain name. If your desired domain has already been registered, you can try registering it to another TLD.

  • What is the Domain Name System (DNS)?

    DNS is a decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet.

  • How long is the registered name valid?

    You can register a domain name from a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten years.

  • What if my requested Domain Name is not available?

    Our domain name search engine automatically suggests both alternate and additional available suggestions based on your search. We also include variations and additional extensions to make sure you find a suitable name.

  • How do I secure my Domain Name?

    First, claim your domain name by purchasing your domain through GPD Host. With every GPD host domain purchase, you’ll get an SSL certificate to secure your site. The Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) digital certificate provides data encryption and validation with website trust indicators like a green URL bar option to your site. You’ll also receive full HTTPS support, as well as a minimum 15-day (100%) refund policy-- which comes free on all (SSL) digital certificate plans.