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Is your preferred domain name available? Use our free, powerful search engine to find out in seconds. Enter your chosen domain name to access our free, powerful engine and quickly scan the Internet database of domain names available for purchase, with custom extensions. Custom extensions suggested and sorted by category and purpose.

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Great products, fair prices, outstanding customer service. Save money, save time. Choose from a variety of discounted introductory offers that make launching your website fun and feasible. Start with a desired domain, choose the right high-value hosting plan, and pick the right website platform to build your site - free website builder with industry-based templates.

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Customize your domain name relative to your business, industry or cause; with an extension that best states your intention. Even if the .com is gone, you can still claim your name and choose from millions of variations with of custom extensions. Examples include: .biz, .info, .net, .me, .usa, xyz, .pro, .nyc, .club, .ca, .link, .jobs, .name, .marketing, .bar, .co.

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Answers to frequent questions

  • How do I get online?

    Purchase a domain name and a hosting account, then build a website. We've got a variety of services and products to get you online quickly and easily.

    Choose options ranging from free website design tools for beginners to VPS and Dedicated Server solutions with SQL database integration for professionals and corporate clients.

  • What's a domain name?

    A domain name is a unique combination of letters used in Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). A domain name allows people to globally navigate web sites and send email using familiar, easy to remember names rather than strings of numbers and symbols that make-up an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

    A website cannot be found without a domain name so finding the right domain name is of paramount importance. Domain names include both top-level and second-level domain names stated inversely.

    The Domain Name System (DNS) maps domain names to servers where content resides based on Internet Protocol (IP) address.

  • What if i have questions?

    Our friendly customer service team is standing by and ready to help. Contact professionally trained support personnel by phone, email, forum, or web. Team members are trained to resolve issues ranging from choosing the right domain name to technical issues.

  • How do I search domain names?

    Go back to the top of this webpage and enter your requested domain name to begin your search for your customized website domain name and we'll let you know if it's available to be registered.

    Use our powerful domain name search engine to find out immediately if your desired domain name (SLD) and extension (TLD) is available.

  • How do I secure my domain name?

    First, claim your name by purchasing your domain through GPD Host. Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) digital certificate provides encryption and validation for your domain with website trust indicators and URL green bar option.

    Receive full HTTPS support, a minimum 15-day (100%) refund policy, and integration for your domain and website - free on all (SSL) digital certificate plans.

    For more information, see GPD Host SSL Certificates

  • What is a top-level domain name (TLD)?

    When reading the domain name “gpdhost.com”, “com” is the top level domain name (TLD). TLD’s are commonly referred to as domain name extensions.

    The responsibility for management of TLD’s is delegated to organizations by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), in charge of maintaining the DNS root zone.

  • What is a second-level domain name (SLD)?

    When reading the domain name “gpdhost.com”, “gpdhost” is the second-level domain name. In the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy, a second-level domain (SLD) is directly below a top-level domain (TLD).

    Second-level domains commonly refer to the organization that registered the domain name with a domain name registrar.

  • What are Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)?

    Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) are domain names represented by characters other than standard ASCII characters.

    IDN’s empower international customers and make it easier for a global community to access your domain name, navigate your website, or address emails in their native language or script.

  • What if my requested domain name is not available?

    Our domain name search engine automatically suggests both alternate and additional available domain name suggestions based on your desired domain name including variations and additional extensions.