VPS Cloud 1

$ 16.49 /mo


OpenStack KVM
SLA 99.99%
1 vCore(s)
3.1 GHz
25 GB
High Availability (Ceph)
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VPS Cloud 2

$ 24.49 /mo


OpenStack KVM
SLA 99.99%
2 vCore(s)
3.1 GHz
50 GB
High Availability (Ceph)
-Select Duration-

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VPS Cloud 3

$ 51.99 /mo


OpenStack KVM
SLA 99.99%
4 vCore(s)
3.1 GHz
100 GB
High Availability (Ceph)
-Select Duration-

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Best Cloud VPS

Best Cloud VPS Hosting

VPS Cloud Hosting delivers enhanced scalability and customizability. VPS Cloud Hosting comes with a control panel of your choice: cPanel or Plesk. You can manage and add resources directly and with ease.

Choose the right amount of online storage for your business. You can tailor your hosting plan based on your scale of operations and allocated budget. Storage space of 25 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB is available under different plans. For both cloud and cloud RAM, free of cost anti-DDoS protection is included.

Cloud VPS server hosting is more flexible, faster and powerful than other server hosting options. Because of the Cloud based versatility, your server will have greater functionality, which professional and business users often need.

Our 24/7 support team is available to answer your technical questions.

Protection in data storage (Cloud Security)

Your information that resides in GPD Host data SSD storage is protected at the highest level. It's not just the software components of standard Cloud Security. It's also advanced hardware protection from world-class manufacturers.

Why Choose VPS CLOUD?

VPS cloud models are ideal for generating situations or basic applications. The SLA for the hardware is just one of the guarantees to ensure availability and stable administration suitable from the start.

VPS Cloud models locally guarantee the reliability of your information without additional need to customize it. With exceptional inertness and bandwidth, and a concealed basis that provides appropriate capacity and triple replication.

There are many VPS servers as hosting options. You can choose any of them and be confident that you will get a top quality product with GPDHost.

choose vps cloud
vps cloud

Cloud VPS

GPD Host introduces VPS Cloud hosting plans with a variety of price ranges. We offer a range of advanced solutions for our more demanding customers that require expanded resource capacity for various tasks. GPDHost is one of the best Cloud VPS providers on the market.

Why is Cloud VPS Hosting Highly Cost Efficient ?

To purchase any of our available plans on the GPD Host website is a big step forward for efficiency and optimization. That is, GPD Host offers numerous plans to reduce the cost of resources while maintaining the quality of data processing.

The low price of VPS Cloud provides a great opportunity to save money while maintaining a high quality of service. We offer many other options for host services: virtual private servers, shared hosting or dedicated servers to suit any of your needs.

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What does cloud hosting mean?

Cloud hosting is an alternative option to traditional hosting. With cloud hosting, your files and applications are not located in a single server but are instead housed in a network of servers. Cloud hosting uses multiple servers at once which can maximize speed and uptime by relaying traffic to available servers in the network. These solutions can be massively beneficial when running any sized e-commerce businesses, streaming site or video game platform.

When it comes to hosting resources, there is always the question of urgency and the issue of delays. This concerns both the disk system and the response time of the site.

In cloud hosting, resources are distributed within the cloud space, which ultimately increases the level of reliability. This works for guaranteed resource allocation as well as all other important points.

Customizing important parameters for your virtual resource is key to a high performing server. Be sure to monitor indicators of cloud hosting performance as RAM and virtualization services.

vps cloud
vps cloud

What are the benefits of VPS Cloud Server?

Why should you choose a VPS Cloud Server over traditional hosting? The answer is simple. VPS Cloud Servers are a more modern and advanced approach to hosting. Traditional hosting solutions can result in more downtime and headaches.

With Cloud hosting, hardware issues are solved automatically which allows you to focus on your work stress-free. When one node fails, the VPS automatically switches to a working one.

Cloud hosting is affordable, and can help increase your company’s productivity. With greater customization options, you can modify any tech specs of your server and add more RAM when necessary. Moreover, due to our increasingly digital world, Cloud Hosting becomes crucial for collaboration. You can connect with your fellow colleagues from anywhere around the world.

VPS Cloud Servers have been growing in popularity, and it’s no secret why.

With our VPS Cloud Server Hosting plans, you’ll get:

Start Building Your Custom Website!

Web hosting from $9.99/per year only.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing

All companies inevitably grow, as do their databases. With cloud computing, building and accessing databases is flexible and simple. Of course, such access without proper data processing resources is useless.

This use of Cloud Computing requires high-speed access and resources for discovering relationships.

GPD Host solutions allow you to create your own cloud system. Distribute resources and employee access from anywhere in the world. It can be Cloud SSD or Cloud VDS, depending on needs for your task.

cloud backup

Cloud Backup:

All GPD Host plans include a weekly backup of customer data. This way, your data is additionally protected in GPD Host's Cloud Hosting space.

Our Cloud Backup mode can be turned on in the control panel.

data cloud

Data Cloud

The very idea of storing information in the cloud has a long history. Over the past few years, the structure of clouds has been significantly upgraded to become more secure, reliable and instantaneous.

The speed of access to data and its transfer has increased by order of magnitude. Technically the speed of access to data in the cloud can be faster than accessing your own files on a desktop computer.

And given the growing level of data protection, replication and recovery options, storing information in the cloud makes more and more sense.

modern data centers
Modern Data Centers

Modern data centers are developing very quickly and popping up all across the world. Secure and high speed data centers are crucial to the digital landscape. Data centers help facilitate data storage and high speed web communication over networks.

Each new data center is always built with expansion in mind. Cloud based technology implies a constant evolution in the speed and security of access when it comes to information exchange.

CPU Cores
CPU Cores

Choosing a VPS hosting plan with the correct CPU core amount is important. This will affect how smoothly your website will run. CPU is responsible for all the processing. Our CPU speed will help your pages load faster.

Opportunities in the modern cloud

There are a variety of solutions for optimizing businesses. Virtualization (using VPS), load balancing resources (e.g., cluster, including hybrid), and more.

Pick one of the Cloud control panels (Plesk or cPanel) to solve the problem of virtualizing not only computers, but also individual applications. Selecting the right control panel conditions depends on the tasks the company sets for itself.

Software developers are particularly interested in these modern cloud capabilities. The fact is that applications (e.g. Docker) support a much better management system of the product licenses particularly when working in the cloud with access via a client's personal API.

With the modern cloud, the program can work, process data without needing to save anything locally. It can do so only when the client administrator explicitly specifies. That way it provides security of client's information and, accordingly, developers' copyrights.

modern cloud
vps cloud features

Other VPS Cloud features

The possibilities of VPS usage are limited only by your imagination. The fact is that the virtual server can do all the same things as the physical server. The VPS server cloud comes with multiple geolocation IP options to match your needs and whereabouts.

Most see a VPS hosting server as an advantageous tool in today’s marketplace.

The VPS Cloud offers reliable energy protection, constant monitoring of indicators, heat dissipation, climate control, maintenance of technicians and other technical needs. Additionally, the VPS Cloud guarantees periodic technological inspections, as well as scheduled and unscheduled replacements of equipment components and upgrades.

Real Life Example: Why switch to VPS?

There are a lot of technical and financial issues that any company must deal with in its day to day. Unfortunately, a lot of company resources are diverted to solving these types of issues.

There is an interesting recent practical example to express why VPS hosting can help rectify any cost related and technical problems. Take a company that employs 500 people.

Of the 500, in the head office there are 50 employees in the IT-department (10% of the total). When accessing the company data, only 1 person was needed out of the entire branch of the company underscoring this company’s needs to downsize and switch to a new server platform.

After gathering all this data, the company switched to a fleet of virtual machines. With all the data protection requirements included, the yearly expenses dropped by an order of magnitude.

cloud vps

VPS CLOUD Specifications




Adding resources through the Control Panel


1Gbps - Unlimited traffic

Free DDoS Protection

Protection included


  • 1 IPv4 enabled (all ports open)
  • 1 IPv6 enabled (all ports open)


  • Client Cabinet
  • RESTful API
  • KVM
  • Root access

Operating systems

  • Command line only
  • Operating system with interface
  • CMS pre installed
  • E-commerce
  • Control Panel
  • Development

Reboot and reinstall

Unlimited, via Control Panel


Control Panel gives you a detailed overview of your VPS

Additional features for your VPS CLOUD


Up to 16 IPs with geolocation


Instant (Snapshot)

Extra space

Extra space

Virtual Private Server Hosting Features

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Fully managed VPS with cPanel includes a pre configured build, which makes the VPS super easy to set up. The control panel optimizes and limits shared server resources.

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24/7/365 full server system administration including scalable hosting, OS and application updates, performance and security monitoring, and automatic backups.

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Upgrade VPS plans with ease. Create, scale and manage a VPS in minutes. Unlimited scalability; around-the-clock reliability through resource sharing and consistency with other VPS.

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Full access to the server as a super user. Get comprehensive control with administrative access for PHP installation, modules, server-level proxies, and more.

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Latest generation Intel Xeon processor, RAM, and high-speed SSD drives. For exceptional performance and heavy loads of data, real-time analytics, and in-memory calculations. Secure, reliable and fast.

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RAM, CPU, and disk space upgrades, easily configurable as needed. Upgrade your VPS hosting plan at any time.

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VPS uses its own IP address, ports, and routing rules. Malware removal software and web application firewall pre-installed in each plan.

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Full control over processes, users, files. Site backup and recovery will save lost files. Set up a backup schedule for your VPS hosting system and applications.

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MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are available, MySQL is pre-installed with a fully managed plan. Get the world's most popular open-source database with one click.

support vps

24-Hour Customer Support

When help is needed, GPD Hosting customers can count on expertly trained tech professionals. Our hosting services include 24/7 server monitoring and a variety of online support options, including FAQs, a forum, and an extensive video knowledge base.

  • Friendly 24-hour tech support.
  • Live chat support or Email support.

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switch to vps cloud

Other Reasons to Switch to VPS Cloud:

Create secure corporate VPNs, email addresses, access to Google Doc and other Google applications etc.

Create a virtual server room that is affordable and easy to maintain - cloud technology is quite capable of doing this.

Financial Benefits of VPS Cloud

Financial Benefits of VPS Cloud:

When doing calculations for total cost of traditional server equipment don’t forget indirect costs. For instance, consider employee wages, bonuses, vacations, and sick leave. Not to mention the cost of maintenance, electricity and server rack rent.

These things are not usually included in the costs of maintaining a traditional server environment. Also keep in mind, if something needs to be physically fixed, that’s on you. With Cloud VPS, we’ve got your back! We provide instant fixes and regular equipment updates.

Make the switch to cloud services today!

Buy VPS Cloud plan for an unbeatable virtualized server experience. Get all the features of a virtual server with additional Cloud Computing at a low cost.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services:

When a wide range of services is delivered to companies or customers over the internet. Cloud services cover a broad category of IT resources. It is very convenient both for the provider and for the customer.

Cloud services can cover server infrastructure, software, and many other platforms. All of this is hosted on GPD Host servers. All you need is to purchase the product and either use it yourself or give access to your client.

Computer system resources can be used for analytic work. It can be used for networking. One of the most useful things would be using it as a database or storage. Cloud services are very well protected from any type of cyber threat.