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OpenStack KVM
1 vCore(s)
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

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$ 14.49 /mo


OpenStack KVM
1 vCore(s)
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10
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OpenStack KVM
2 vCore(s)
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10
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vps ssd hosting

VPS hosting at GPDHost Company

Our company GPDHost will provide you with a virtual private server. A VPS will help you save money without sacrificing any power, reliability, and performance speed. Virtual Hosting based in multiple locations offer you a greater variety of choice when it comes to web servers.

We pride ourselves on being the best web hosts for our clients.

VPS Linux (VPS Ubuntu) at the service of the company:

For smaller companies, options like VPS Linux (like VPS Ubuntu) may be the best choice.

Smaller companies who set up their own application server can assist their profit creation in both the long and short term, especially if you consider the cost of only one IT specialist and the rate plan (VPS Hosting Plan for Virtual Host) VPS SSD.

vps server

VPS Server is Cheap?

Buying a cheap virtual server from GPDHost does not mean reducing the quality of services. Our company’s specialists have selected the optimal parameters of the tariff.


Most hosting companies offer multiple web hosting services. VPS SSD gives you the best VPS as a cost-efficient option. You can customize your resources like CPU cores. Prices is only slightly more than shared hosting.

What does VPS SSD and Cheap VPS mean?

Everything we offer is absolutely transparent. There are no hidden fees.

Our gigabit network traffic (1GB/sec) is unlimited. Cheap VPS hosting can be a better alternative to dealing with server room equipment and hardware maintenance, especially when planning for the next 3-5 years.

We offer multiple affordable cheap VPS plans all of which include SSD storage and uptime guarantees. Each of our Cheap VPS SSD plans come with different GB of ram that you can select depending on your needs.

We have a variety of cheap vps monthly billing options or you can choose an annual hosting, the latter being the most cost efficient option.

Buy SSD VPS Server with GPDHost and get the best VPS hosting service of your lifetime. Our support team is always available and will help you with any query.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are fundamentally different and present a new way of storing data. Instead of using spinning disks and a needle (as done in HDDs or Hard Disk Drives), SSDs use NAND flash memory.

In an HDD, the arm reads and writes data off a spinning disk. However, retrieving information with this method takes time. But, with SSDs there are no moving parts, which is one of the main advantages of SSD hosting.

vps server

Start Building Your Custom Website!

WordPress web hosting from $9.99/per year only.

vps host

What kind of server can be created?

If you choose to use several virtual machines of this class, you can create a cluster through the pooling of resources. In doing so, you can exclude downtime of resources on some machines while there are peak loads on others.

In addition, several virtual servers means several connections to the Internet, which also means increased network bandwidth at times-- from the cluster to the users of the company.

No one can prevent you from creating your own secure VPN network. It can be deployed on virtual servers. This will provide secure access for your employees to company data from anywhere in the world.

Power failures at the local server, technical malfunctions, absence of employees, maintaining the equipment at work, expired expensive server software licenses and other possible staff, legal and technical issues will not be an issue when you choose secure VPS hosting.

You won't need to divert your company's resources to deal with any of those issues. With our hosting, you pay us to solve them. All of these tech resources are included in the VPS SSD pricing plan from GPDHost.

We believe that everyone should focus on their own business while we fix all of the backend server problems.

FTP server login is always secure. You can enter a username and password via the FTP(file transfer protocol) site and upload and download files. Make sure the server administrator has set permissions for those actions beforehand. You can use our VPS as an email secure server as well.

VPS Server:

The concept of Virtual Private Server means that the user receives full administration rights. The user can set up all configurations, IP addresses with uniqueness and necessary virtual partitions.

Name-based virtual hosting eases the demand for scarce IP addresses. Therefore you should use name-based virtual hosting unless there is a specific reason to choose IP-based virtual hosting.

VPS Server, in contrast to standard hosting, provides more flexibility in managing hosting resources.

A VPS is a physical server with an operating system installed. It uses a CDN to increase the speed of the site, in which a range of 2 to 100 virtual machines are configured. You can even make a VPS list.

Solutions with GPDHost virtual servers allow:

Optimize costs - renting a virtual server with full functionality is more cost-effective than buying and maintaining a physical server;

Gain root access and superuser status; Install the necessary operating system, software and libraries you need to work on a virtual private server. Get more flexibility than with conventional hosting;

Provide the necessary resources for a high-loaded project and work from anywhere in the world without disruptions and limitations - you just need the Internet.

Prevent data loss - VPS server supports regular backups, the data remains intact even if a hard drive fails.

control vps server

New What's included with your Best VPS hosting plans




Add resources via the Control Panel


1Gbps - Unlimited traffic

Free anti-DDoS protection

Protection included


  • 1 IPv4 included (all ports open)
  • 1 IPv6 included (all ports open)


  • Customer Area
  • RESTful API
  • KVM
  • Root access

Operating systems

  • Command-line only
  • Desktop operating systems
  • Pre-installed CMS
  • E-commerce
  • Control panels
  • Development

Reboot and reinstallation

Unlimited, via the Control Panel


The Control Panel gives you a detailed overview of your VPS

Optional features for your VPS


Up to 16 geolocated IPs


Manual (Snapshot)

Additional space

Additional disks

ssd vps hosting

Why choose a VPS?

VPS helps you manage your sites in a dedicated server environment, where you have complete control. Unlike shared hosting where you get limited access and resources, WordPress VPS hosting services are a better option with greater control and resources.

VPS SSD is fast, reliable and fully configurable. Many web applications require special modules and customizations enabled on the server. With this VPS you can easily do whatever you want.

Get Started Now

Excellent customer support

When help is needed, GPD Host customers rely on qualified professionals. Also we provide 24/7/365 server monitoring and a variety of online support options. This includes an FAQ, a forum and an extensive video knowledge base.

  • Friendly 24-hour service.
  • Live chat support.
  • Email support.

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Answers to Frequent Questions

  • What is a VPS?

    A virtual private server is a physical web-server with an operating system installed. A VPS allows users to create various configurations, virtual partitions and unique IP-addresses.

    VPS is a more cost-effective but powerful option for website owners and developers. It is used when they need higher site speed and limit the allocation of shared server resources.

  • What is a CDN?

    VPS hosting packages with virtual private server management and full management? No problem; high site speed by using a content delivery network (CDN) with WAF. This is necessary to ensure the fastest and most secure site experience possible.

    CDN is a massive distributed global server system. It creates an environment that optimizes served web pages and content based on the geographic location of the client and the origin of the web page. The closer the client is geographically, the faster the content is delivered.

    CDNs are important for sites with dynamic content, databases and e-commerce, especially when the basis of operation is on transactions.

  • What does a VPS do?

    A virtual private server lets you securely host and maintain web sites and software applications. Everything happens online with the help of a containerized server structure. It implements virtual separation with a unique IP address.

    Isolate multiple applications from each other within containers. Also, limit the amount of resources on physical resources and infrastructure.

  • Who can use a VPS?

    A virtual private server requires certain technical skills. However, the fully managed VPS option provides customers with a pre-configured build. This will save time on setup.

    Software administration skills are required for efficient operation. This includes understanding level-access, file transfers, file and folder configuration.

  • How can I upgrade my VPS?

    Updating your virtual private server is available anytime and on-demand. This happens directly from your control panel. Your operating system, software and settings are saved automatically and without making any changes.

    Choose your plan and upgrade your VPS hosting automatically. It will take a few minutes without any data loss.

  • What is a web application firewall?

    A web application firewall (WAF) is a part of a computer system or network. It is designed to block unauthorized access while allowing external communication. A WAF protects websites from malicious bots or hackers.

    Without an effective firewall, applications, blogs or recycling cans can allow cybercriminals to steal data, transactions and website traffic.

    Hundreds of thousands of websites are compromised each year through this process. WAF is an included feature in our managed and fully managed hosting packages.

  • When should I switch to a virtual server?

    A virtual private server gives you superuser status and root access to the Apache and PHP files and databases.

    Standard hosting meets the needs of many website owners. However, as your site and business grows, you may need to allocate additional resources on demand. You’ll also get greater control over sites and software, as well as faster loading speeds.

    Get access to pre-configured secure applications. Set up the configuration best suited to your requirements and growth.