Multi Domain SSL Certificate

The Multi Domain SSL Certificate can be a huge convenience to companies or individuals that run multiple websites. With this kind of certification, you can protect your websites and all subdomains with a single certificate.

Multi domain certificates are digital certificates that can secure well over dozens of domains. This concept is referred to as Subject Alternative Names (SANs). These SAN SSL certificates are specifically designed to serve multiple websites under one certificate.

In addition to being dubbed a multi domain certificate. Sometimes they are also referred to as a Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) or an exchange certificate.

With this multi domain certification, EV SSL green bars will be featured across every domain. These recognized markers of safety prove that every website you manage is SSL trusted. Also, it will help reassure your clients that their online privacy will be secure on your site.

Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi Domain

Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate is an excellent option for any business seeking to validate their website. The EV SSL Certificate saves enterprises both time and money. The purchase of a single certificate allows businesses to secure multiple domains (or first level subdomains).

A single SSL certificate can be used to validate multiple domains. Numbers can start at 3 and up to 97 additional domains all at an affordable rate. You can get up to 100 EV domains on one easy to manage SSL Certificate plan.

HTTPS secured Extended Validation SSL Certificates combine Secure Sockets Layer security with 256-bit encryption for top tier website security. Ensure customer trust and safety while improving sales.

Get the exclusive Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates green address bar. Prove to your customers that they are in good hands.

  • Premier Multi SSL Domain validation and secure encryption option

  • Validate three (3) domains with a single certificate and up to 97 additional

  • Secure Sockets Layer Encryption (up to 256-bit)

  • Extended validation including business or official information

  • Premium Green Address Bar and Padlock icon

Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi
Cheap EV Multi Domain SSL

Cheap EV Multi Domain SSL

Buy EV SSL from us at GPDHost, it’s the most secure option on the market. Our Cheap EV SSL Certificates have been thoroughly vetted by our trusted domain Certificate Authority. So you can count on our products to provide you with reliable and trustworthy validation. Through GPD Host, you can obtain a Comodo multi domain SSL that also includes a domain validated (DV SSL) certificate.

Comodo EV certificates are the highest assurance SSL, complete with the trusty green padlock and address bar. When customers visit your site, they will be able to view your verified company name in the certificate details. The highly recognized visual symbol can increase consumer confidence and the conversion rate of your website.

Importance of EV SSL

Get a cheap EV certificate from a trusted brand like Comodo. Domain SSL certificates are a necessity for today’s internet. With the growing risk of phishing scams, customers want to know they are safe to enter any confidential information online.

In order to get a domain validation SSL certificate, you will need to provide certain information to verify your business. Standard SSL can be easy to obtain. On the other hand for EV SSL you will need to show additional information to be confirmed.

WhoIs records, DNS records file, and an email or web hosting account of a domain. You will be asked to confirm you have control over these. This confirmation process can be completed by responding to an email sent to the email address in the domain's whois details.

Multi Domain SSL

Multi Domain SSL v Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Multi Domain SSL gives you more flexibility. Whereas a WildCard SSL allows you to protect unlimited subdomains. Multi Domain SSL allows you to protect multiple unrelated domains and subdomains.

For example with a WildCard SSL, you could add ‘’ to ‘’ but could not protect another distinct domain. However, with a Multi Domain SSL you can protect both ‘’ and ‘’, as well as subdomains like ‘’.

Benefits of SSL

Benefits of SSL for your websites

Websites build trust with your audience.

Protects personal data of website visitors.

Can prevent phishing attacks.

Secures your customer’s payments.

It can boost your search engine rankings.

You’ll be able to maintain PCI compliance.

Benefits of SSL
EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Increase visitor confidence across all your website. This will improve transactions rates as well. EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate is designed to prevent phishing attacks better than regular SSL.

All Features

Brand Comodo
Domains 3-100
Great for Business
Validation Extended (EV)
Paperwork yes
Local Domains no
Mobile Support yes
Assurance Very high
Refund 15 days
Warranty $1,750,000.00
Browser Support 99.9%
Reissues Free, unlimited
Key Length from 2048
Encryption up to 256-bit


EEV SSL requires manual validation by the Certificate Authority. Also some additional "paperwork" may be required before it can be issued. See Required Paperwork →


Business registration

Your business registration needs to be verified. Before issuing the EV SSL, Comodo will check to see that your company is legally registered by verifying your business profile.


Company Representative

In order to complete the registration, contact must be established with someone. They must be in executive positions within your company (Owner, CEO, CFO, etc.).

Whois Contact Info

To expedite the SSL issuance process, confirm that your domain name contact information is correct when querying the Whois database.


WhoisGuard privacy protection service must be turned off to verify domain related contact information on the Whois database.

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Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate Multi Domain

Increase conversions and security on multiple domains with encryption and the Green Bar!


Full Organization Validation

Full organization validation is required to obtain a Comodo EV SSL Certificate. Only the most trusted companies have the green address bar validation associated with them. Any organization will need to acquire the EV SSL to help gain the trust of their customers.


Multiple-Domain Security

Comodo EV SSL Certificate plans provide encryption for up to 100 domain names. Organize domains and save money while securing multiple enterprise websites.


$175,000 Warranty

Comodo EV SSL Certificate features a $175,000 Warranty. This is the amount Comodo will pay your customers should they incur any losses due to a mis issued SSL.


Green Address Bar

Comodo EV SSL Certificate includes the padlock icon and premium Green Address Bar. SSL safeguards make customers more likely to trust your site.

Increase Conversion Rates

EV SSL Certification helps reduce bounce rates and boost web traffic. Moreover, decrease e-commerce purchase abandonment rates by adding the universally known and recognized Green Address Bar. It is exclusive to EV SSL Certificates.

30 Day Refund Policy

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate includes a 30 Day Refund Policy. We offer a 30 day guarantee to help you verify that you've purchased the right SSL for your website


In order to expedite the secure socket layer issuance process. You’re required to have the correct contact information on the Whois database for your domain. If your information is not up to date, make the necessary corrections before applying for an SSL Certificate. You also must have a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generated on your web server.


SSL certificates must be installed on your web server before they can become active. End to end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain is hosted with GPD Host.

If your domain is hosted with another provider, please contact that provider's support team. They can assist you with CSR generation and SSL Certificate installation. You may also contact our sales and support team.

If you would prefer to transfer and host your domain with GPD Host as your end to end provider. You can speak to one of our customer service reps and we can transfer your domain over.

Some SSL Certificate requests may be identified and selected for additional validation. This process is done by the Certificate Authority as a necessary security measure. The issuing of the SSL Certificate can be delayed by the CA if the request is flagged for validation.