What Is A Domain Name For A Website?


To put it simply, a domain name is a name of a website. Every website has a unique IP address that points to the website’s location. IP addresses are a unique set of numbers that are essential to managing or operating a website.

However, remembering them in order to go to a website is not necessary nor practical. This is why we have domain names.

Domain names give us an easy and direct way to locate a website. The DNS (Domain Name System) converts IP addresses of domain names so browsers can load correct Internet resources. The DNS network eliminates the need for you to memorize IP address numbers.

Your website's domain name is what people enter in a browser. When someone types in the domain name, the DNS server routes it. It then translates the name to figure out which IP address it points to. A WhoIS Search allows you to look up the registration of any domain name and see who the IP belongs to.

Domain Name System

Let’s get into more details regarding the DNS infrastructure. The DNS system is an open worldwide network of database name servers. It includes 13 authoritative name servers. These in turn serve DNS root zones (root servers).

The DNS root name server receives a DNS query that includes a domain name. It then directs requests to a top level domain (TLD) nameserver. It directly replies to requests for root zone DNS records.

There is also a managed DNS model. Managed DNS is when a person utilizes authoritative DNS servers to store their authoritative DNS records. This is hosted by a provider who then enables Internet access to their website.

There are several features within the DNS infrastructure that help websites load and run smoothly. For one, DNS caching can help manage and reduce DNS traffic. Moreover, the DNS server implements load balancing to ensure that the system can handle all incoming requests efficiently. In the event of an outage or in case of DDos attacks, the system can activate DNS failover to prevent downtime.

Public DNS vs Private DNS

Even when you boil it down to a security focus, DNS is a pretty large and comprehensive subject. Public DNS refers to DNS servers that are accessible to anyone on the Internet. They maintain a record of publicly available domain names.

However, in a private DNS case, queries are sent to a custom DNS server. This server is behind a company firewall and maintains records of internal sites. This is a more safe option. It prevents hijacking, snooping or phishing attacks.

Much of the malware, ransomware and identity theft relies on DNS security weaknesses. Private DNS is the best way to deal with problems like this. Furthermore, with this option, you can configure a specific DNS resolver.

Domain Name Registration Search

To register a domain name, you need an ICANN-accredited domain name registrant. The registrar will check domain availability and create a WHOIS record.

The domain name registrant is bound by the terms and conditions of the registrar. They have certain responsibilities such as payment of registration fees. They also need to submit timely updates of accurate data.

When you register a domain name, your personal information is saved publicly in the WHOIS database. You have the option to buy Domain privacy protection. This service protects your personal data and keeps it hidden from the rest of the world.

Domain Name Registration Search

Good Domain Names for Personal Websites

Your Website Domain Name

You can use a word or a phrase for your website domain name. When thinking of a perfect domain, make sure to keep it short and memorable. If it’s your business website, you should use your business name. Selecting a good match domain makes it easier to find you on the internet.

Your domain name should be easily shared. You might be asked about it in person. Saying and spelling it should not be hard. This way it is more convenient when speaking as well as writing for people to spread your name.

Make sure your website name is unique and relatable to your brand. It should stand out and be associated with your business as soon as someone hears or reads the name. More brandable the name is the better.

Domain Registration - Choosing A Website Name

Choosing a domain name is very important. It can decide if your website will be successful. Wrong domain name can hurt you in the future. So it is better to think about your website name beforehand.

The main things you consider are the website name in itself and domain extension. When just starting out it can be hard to pick an easy catchy name. You might be hesitant because you don’t want to make a mistake.

So we decided to give our opinion on this subject. We will give you some tips to help you with choosing a website name. To make this process easier there are few steps you can take, to pick the best domain for your website.

Including Keywords In Domain Name

Including Keywords In Domain Name

It is important to understand that there’s a value that keywords play in your domain name strategy. Consider adding keywords to your domain, it could help your website search position and SEO rankings.

Consider what keywords your target audience will use to find your brand when choosing a domain name. This way you have a better chance of being found. It also increases the rate of click-through on your search result.

Adding keywords to a domain name strategy can benefit your SEO. Search engines treat domains as one of their many ranking factors. However, it is important to note, keyword-rich domains alone won't improve your rankings.

Research Your Domain Name

It is common sense to do some research before spending money on something. Before you register a domain name you should check if the name is already used. Do a basic trademark search online.

You can also use Google to check if a name is available on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). A similar or exact name might cause confusion, or even worse can lead to some legal implications.

If your preferred domain name is not available, you can try adding prefixes to it. Once you check that everything is fine you can register your domain. Once your website is up and running, you can trademark your name and logo.

How To Buy Domain Names

The first thing you need to buy domain names is a reliable domain registrar. Most domain registrars offer similar services, just make sure they are trustworthy. Once you pick one next thing you will do is search for domain availability.

For domain name search you will need a domain availability checking tool. This tool will tell you if the domain you are searching for is available. If your preferred domain name is already taken, you can try it with a different domain extension.

Once you pick a domain name and domain extension you can buy a domain name. When purchasing a domain with GPDHost you will get suggestions of our special offers. You can buy a domain for one year or more. When compared to GoDaddy offers and Google Domains, we give you a great bang for your buck.

After you register your domain, you are going to need to build and launch your website. This can be done by adding DNS records to your hosting provider. You can locate and change DNS servers with Command Prompt. If you get an error message when starting a new website, moving domains, or changing hosting services, this fix can help.

Moreover, you can use managed DNS services to safely store your DNS records. There are a range of add-on services that can make your website run faster and your data safer.

Types Of Domains - Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Domain types you can buy vary greatly. To make the best choice, you need to understand the anatomy of a domain and types of DNS first. There are two main parts: a second level domain (SLD) and a top level domain (TLD).

Second level domain (SLD) is what most people consider the website name. It's a unique name that represents your brand. It can contain as many letters and characters as you want, but it is better to keep it short.

Top-level domains (TLDs) are domain name extensions. They are a series of letters that appear after SLD. There are many TLDs and their cost can vary. Remember some TLDs can carry more weight than others.

Types Of Domains - Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Domain Name Cost

Domain name price depends on which extension you pick. Also if you register a domain for one year or multiple years. You can renew domain name registration when the initial period finishes. You will get alerted by the registrar to do so.

As we mentioned, the most generic top level domain is .com. You can buy .com for $12.99 per year with GPDHost. There are sometimes special offers and discounts.

We also offer free .com renewal with our best annual web hosting plan.

You can reserve your brand’s name for the future. Purchase and register your domain now to ensure that your name is not taken down the line. Then you can consider how to build your website. We also provide several free domain options and free SSL certificates, but we include them only with web hosting plans.

Domain Name Extensions

As we mentioned earlier, picking domain name extensions is an important part of domain registration. The most popular domain extension is of course .com. It is usually the best option when choosing extensions.

.com was the first TLD launched, initially meant for business and commercial use. It stands short for “commercial”. There are other popular extensions such as: .net .org .site .edu .online .pro .club etc.

There are also TLDs for different countries. When buying domain names you should consider more niche extensions as well. Some of them are specific and could be a perfect fit for a business website.

GPDHost Domain And Web Hosting Services

GPDHost Domain And Web Hosting Services

We offer many web hosting services that are convenient and help you in many ways. Transferring domain is simple and it works great with our free website builder and free website migration services.

Our website is easy to navigate, you can register any kind of domain you want. This includes premium domains. Best of all, our renewal prices do not go up. In addition, you have the option to prepay for a domain for up to 10 years.

You can set up an auto-renewal service as well. There are several free WHOIS lookup tools available. As per ICANN requires we will remind you once a year to review and update the contact information for your domain.

Buy Domain Names

In order to buy domain names, the first thing you need to do is check domain availability. You can do this using our domain name search tool. We offer a wide range of extensions. Instantly check your domain availability, get your new website name today.

Register your domain name with GPDHost and find your place online. It does not matter what type of website you have. One thing that they all have in common is that every website needs a domain name.

You should consider what is the best domain for your website. Once you register a domain and your website is up and running, it might be hard for you to change its name down the line. Make sure your name represents the website well.

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